Metatron’s Message

Metatronia Massage Feedback from distant and in person sessions

“Some immediate feedback. I felt loads of stuff being thrown off my being then a whole body goosebumps’ wave which was amazing. Then I was ‘away’ and then quite clearly back and ‘done’. I felt our telepathic connection regularly through this time, so cool to have this with another human being”.

“I called this healing in this morning as I thought I would take advantage of the 2/29 – 2/2016 (11:11) energy at 11:11 am.  I have been most blessed that each time I have received a healing/attunement from you – it has been a very significant day with lots of positive energy surrounding it. I wanted to write this while it was still relatively fresh in my mind – -I understand I will not hear back from you for a while.  At first it was relatively gentle and almost felt like someone was massaging my back muscles, then it moved to my upper thigh with the pretty lime and purple light that is often associated with my healing experiences I have had in the past with Metatron…and then it kicked in!  Out of nowhere there was this incredible “pulling out” from the front part of my pelvic area it literally felt like I was being disemboweled.  I knew this was part of the healing as I kept hearing my stomach making the noises it makes when it is hungry – which for me is an indicator that healing energy is moving things around. This feeling only lasted a minute or so and then moved down to my thigh area.  For a few minutes anywhere that I had felt pain (shoulders, wrists, ankles felt very aggravated and very sore).  This did not last very long (a few minutes).  I am a bit achy and tired – almost like when you have had the flu and are on the mend. I am drinking lots of water and am very excited about the next few days as my body releases even more toxins and allowing me to step into a truer, more healed version of myself. Thank you again, Tammy.  I wish you many, many success stories with this new healing modality”

“Strange normally I never sleep during a session but this time I was out after the first few minutes. The beginning felt like waves and a lot of heat then I was asleep very deeply”.

Thank you so much for the session last night. It was a beautiful energy and I came back from a really nice space, feeling calm, grounded and refreshed. It felt similar to having a healing, I could feel energy moving around my body and tingling at the top of my head. I drifted in and out of consciousness, but was brought back almost exactly an hour after it started. I felt very loved and looked after, in a space of surrender. The vibration was amazing and I had a lovely night’s sleep almost straight afterwards. 

“Just an initial feedback as I sense this will continue to expand over the next days. It was really a pleasant experience. I don’t have many physical issues – but it sure did go to some old stuff – a twisted ankle, pain under the right scapula and stress/anxiety. Almost fell asleep and was freezing a lot – felt like a lot of pent up deeply rooted early fear really left the system (fear from when being strangled by my mom only few days old, she had a post-birth trauma causing her to do very strange things to me). Could sense the healing working very much in the connective tissue. Feel rebooted and very much at peace as I’m writing. Thank you so much for your time and wonderful healing and it felt like getting a massage – and I’m normally not too keen on anyone touching my body so this was a perfect solution to get a very “physical” massage without the actual touch”!

Since the distant massage healing – this is what I noticed. I do find myself choosing to drink more water – and not just because I “had to” for the detoxification from the healing.  And I am more mindful of what I am. I am able to do more things as it appears to be better managed by taking Ibuprofen and meditation – which is so so wonderful.  I cannot believe it! This is someone who literally could not even walk to my car without being in so much pain I thought I would die!  And there are times when it doesn’t bother me AT ALL! I also found myself more health conscious in general – buying Probiotic supplements AND TAKNG THEM as well as Apple Cider Vinegar supplement to help curb my appetite.  So far I have only taken one dose of the Apple Cider Vinegar as I am not as hungry as I used to be.  I still am not always making the best choices food-wise, but it is a heck of a lot better than it was! I am even starting to embrace my Goddess energy more. I also seem to have a little more energy and cleaning the house is starting to become something I want to do instead of have to do. But the thing that I found most amazing is I seem more grounded in my emotional self as well as my physical and spiritual self.  I had some very upsetting news this past week that hurt me to the very core of my being…Normally, I would have been a basket case and tried to “fix it” and let it color my world to the point where it would have ended up destroying my well-being for months.  I was sad.  I cried.  But it didn’t take me over the top. So I thank you sooOOooOOoo much for this lovely gift of healing.  You are on my altar and surrounded by so much love, light and gratitude with the intention that this healing modality will help heal so many people across the world and that many people will be interested in learning this technique.  And that peace and prosperity will be yours’.

“Just wanted to let you know that after the massage session, I don’t know if I can put it into words, but it was a deep sense of peace and calm and haven’t felt so good in a long time.  I didn’t have any pain to start with, but the sense of deep, deep ease and calm and peace, these aren’t quite the right words, but I can’t think of anything to describe it more accurately, it was such a sense of deep down joy and it just felt amazing and nothing irritated me or came up, it was just such a deep sense of maybe security, I didn’t feel any fear about anything like I normally do and have been working on.  It lasted about 3 days with this intense deep feelings of peace, security and calm……I believe it has since continued, but like you say when it’s new and you’re not used to it, you feel it more.  I feel more at ease than I have, I believe it worked on a deeper level, the massage worked on the emotions as well as any physical issues.  I felt like when I was in my 20’s and almost giddy for that 3 days, it was amazing.  I do feel that way more now from time to time and especially like now talking about it, or thinking about the massage healing, seems to bring that feeling back.  It was truly amazing on another level than I’ve experienced before. Another thought I had just after I sent this, it was like a massage for all of the inside of me and all my organs and tissues and just released so much and felt so good on the inside too  J  I think it release a lot as to why I felt so giddy and good and peaceful and secure. Thank you so much for this ~ I’m truly grateful”.