Moon Bathing

Jennifer Grange
Written by Jennifer Grange

What Is It And Why Is It Good For You?

Image by Dorothe from Pixabay

Did you know that moon bathing is a ‘thing’?

Well, Kate Moss does it, so it must be!

I have been moon bathing pretty much all of my life, but what is it…?

Very simply it’s exposing as much of you as possible to the light of the moon. There is something truly delicious about the feeling of moonlight against your skin, as if it is nourishing your very soul.

At this time of year it’s a bit chilly but even lifting your face up to the moonlight can have a blissful effect.

In my own personal practice, I treat it a bit like cold water swimming finding a space where I can be free to shed my clothing for as long as feels comfortable and have a dry robe to hand.

Guided Sessions

The way I guide moon bathing for my groups is a take on the classic practice of forest bathing, by the light of the moon – a gentle, sensory and mindful walk in the moonlight, embracing the darkness of the forest and opening up our awareness to the night sky. We connect with the energy of the moon phase, with a short meditation, before conducting a releasing and/or intention setting ritual. As a dark skies’ ambassador, I will also point out planets, constellations, and galaxies that we can see with binoculars or the naked eye.

Photo by Aron Visuals on Unsplash

The Benefits Of Moon Bathing

The silvery moonlight has a wonderful soothing effect. Gazing up at the dark sky we see the vastness of the universe with stars millions of miles away. Accompanied by the moon and her light shining on the world below, this can bring a sense of awe and wonder, releasing dopamine our feel-good reward hormone into our bodies, lowering stress levels, and even enhancing our immune system.

How awesome is that?

Here is what one of my Wild Women moon bathers Alex had to say about her experience…

“The moonlight gleams on your skin, highlighting your inner soul and divine beauty. It connects you to nature, in all her glory, feeling at one with the intricate web of life. Grounding and nourishing yet ethereal and playful. It allows you to shed all the layers of protection and barriers we put up to protect ourselves and simply be free and wild.”

I’d love you to come and join me.

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Main – Photo by James Wheeler