Past Life Regression

Laura Cocconi
Written by Laura Cocconi

A journey into your soul’s memories.

The belief in reincarnation is as old as humanity and linked to some religions too. It is based on the principle that the soul is immortal and travels through times and bodies, experiencing and learning to progress each time it decides to reincarnate. This will definitely change your attitude towards death, which is then no longer your final destination but the closure of just another chapter in your soul’s journey. But how can you access those previous chapters?

Well, if you think about your soul as an energetic “body” that relates to the physical one in order to connect with life, it becomes easier to imagine that this body can also have memories. Your soul can actually remember images, tastes, smells of what has been experienced before, and those memories are kept in a secret drawer which is very hard to access. That’s because, although these memories can actually influence our present, our physical body doesn’t have the capacity to actively use them and our brain catalogues them in the “unusable information” box.

A bit of history

Thankfully, with time, a bit of luck and a lot of spirituality and faith, over decades people have searched for methods to access past chapters and they managed to. The most common method is using hypnosis.

During a hypnosis session the client falls into an altered state of mind, where his focus moves to different details and his inhibitions are lowered. Hypnosis always went hand in hand with psychotherapy, and the ultimate example of that is the famous psycho and hypnotherapist Dr. Brian Weiss.  He always used hypnosis during his treatments but he discovered access to past life memories by luck during a normal psychotherapy session. Dr Weiss wrote several books about past life regression, such as “Same soul, many bodies” and “Many lives, many masters”.

You can find more about his work here:

My personal experience and the role of crystals

Since I was a kid I have embraced the spirituality of our world, the belief that there was something more than what we could actually see. I always knew I had lived before, somehow it was such a “normal” statement in my mind, as simple as saying the sky was blue. It was nearly obvious. But since my path never crossed the one to hypnosis or psychotherapy, I had to wait a few more years before I got to know another way to access my soul’s memories. This method is called crystal layout and it is very much connected with Theta healing, the actual energy healing method I was approaching.

The crystal layout, also called crystal remote viewing, is a technique that, by placing crystals on certain parts of the body, induces a deep meditative state through which you will connect to the memories of your soul. This deep relaxed state of mind is created thanks to the energetic vibrations of the crystal and your chakras. I have experienced this technique many times myself and what makes it special every time is that the client himself is properly able to witness, sense and feel his past experiences and he is only guided by the practitioner to focus on some details or moments of that life. It certainly makes the journey through past lives more exciting, involving and safe. In fact, during these sessions you are always in control and aware of what is happening, never left alone experiencing bad memories, but always guided through by the practitioner.

You should always start your past life regression session with an aim, as you only have 90 mins per session and the first time you may be able to see only 1 or 2 lives. Being focused on one objective also helps you in terms of finding out the lives that are really linked to that matter, instead of journeying around in many other lives that have nothing to do with it.

Benefits of Past Life Regression

I bet you are asking yourself: Why try past life regression? What benefits can it give to me? The answer is: countless.

Negative experiences from past lives affecting this lifetime can be detected and resolved. From this starting point, you can solve anything you want that you don’t like in your life. Can’t find abundance in this life? Maybe back in the days you were a poor man that cursed money. Can’t find your soulmate or love? Maybe you were cheated centuries ago and decided you would never trust a potential partner again. And so on. But there is more.

You can also:

  • bring back knowledge, talents, gifts and skills from another lifetime to help you now
  • break patterns of pain, disease, fears, phobias, negative behaviours
  • meet again people and souls you met in this lifetime
  • understand why you have certain unexplained feelings towards a particular country, culture or religion
  • bring more clarity and love in this life time and receive spiritual guidance

This amazing technique can really help to overcome blockages and change your life to another magnificent level. If you are a very logical and rational person and find it hard to experience this meditative state, it may require a couple more session to properly let go of your body and mind But remember there are no disadvantages in past life regression. No matter what has brought you to experience this, or how enormous the problem is to overcome, at the end of the session you may receive further healing, but you will always leave refreshed and grounded like a big weight has been taken away.