Reflexology: Some ‘Handy’ Tips

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Love the summer but end up being like a recluse, not wanting to venture out because of dreaded hay fever? Olcote Wellbeing is always at hand to offer assistance. Reflexology can help with some of the annoying symptoms some of us are experiencing this time of the year.

When your immune system overreacts to a foreign stimulant it is called an allergic reaction. A reaction by your immune system to a foreign invader, such as a fever to kill a virus, is an indication of a healthy immune system. When you have a strong reaction to seasonal pollen your immune system may overreact. Allergies are extremely common among the population. These can range from reactions to pollens, moulds, pets and many other stimulants, especially this time of the year. Symptoms vary but can be miserable including itchy eyes, scratchy throat, sneezing and runny nose or painful sinus congestion, Antihistamines are taken to get rid of some of these symptoms but holistic therapies can also play a role in helping alleviate or help you cope with the miserable affects that seasonal allergies can have. Helping to recreate balance and harmony.

As I may have mentioned before, Reflexology can be used on the hands, not just on the feet. Hand reflexology is often used when the feet are inaccessible for some reason, for example because of foot trauma etc.

The hands are always accessible (although not as responsive as the feet) and therefore can be stimulated quickly in times of need, such as when allergies are causing us problems! One of the most uncomfortable symptoms can be blocked sinuses and there are reflexes on the hands that can be stimulated to help encourage drainage of the sinuses and therefore ease some of the discomfort felt. You can find these reflex points at the base of each finger and thumb.

Taking your thumb and fore finger hold either side of each finger and gently squeeze or massage the area for 5-10 seconds. If you experience some tenderness or mild discomfort massage the area for a few more seconds. Repeat as necessary or until the discomfort eases. Work in the same way on each finger.

Try it and see what you think!

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