Sanctuary of Second Chance

Jai Hunter
Written by Jai Hunter

A Unique Journey of Healing Horses and Humans

In March 2009, an unexpected encounter drastically reshaped my life’s trajectory, igniting a passion that has become the guiding beacon for my life’s work.

An unplanned visit to a nearby stable in Dublin revealed a sight I’ll never forget: a horse, reduced to skin and bones, trembling in fear with scars of past trauma etched into his frail body. The spark of resilience in his eyes spoke louder than his haunting condition. Without hesitation, I brought him home, promising him a new beginning.

Bob, the name this courageous soul would come to bear, had clearly suffered under human hands. But slowly, he found safety and healing in our care. From simple trust-building exercises to gentle ridden training, Bob flourished over 14 years, teaching me immeasurable lessons about patience, empathy, and resilience.

Today, Bob’s transformation is a testament to the capacity of kindness to alter lives. Witnessing the profound connection between human energy and horse behaviour, I strive to help every horse owner understand the impact they have on their horse’s well-being.

Returning from Australia four years ago, we established a unique livery yard with a heartfelt mission. Hunter Aromatics Livery, Equine and Human Therapy offers therapeutic modalities including Equine Reiki, Equine Touch, and Zoopharmacognosy, promoting not only equine health but also fostering deep emotional bonds between humans and horses.

Our commitment extends to humans as well, offering healing therapies like reiki, aromatherapy, and yoga. In our sanctuary, it’s not just about the horses healing – the owners find their peace too.

Three years ago, Franklin, a rescue pony with a challenging past, joined us. From an aggressive, difficult companion, he transformed into a gentle soul, now participating in show jumping events across the country. His journey reinforces the transformative power of love and patience.

Our latest addition who joined us a few weeks ago, Poh, carries the weight of the cruellest neglect. Discovered during a routine home check, his condition was worse than any image could convey. Riddled with health issues and fresh off the race track despite his frailty, Poh’s plight was heart breaking. Yet, as we’ve done before, we welcomed him into our sanctuary, determined to offer him a chance at a better life.

Poh when he first arrived.   

Our journey with Poh is underpinned by the expertise of our dedicated team, including My Lovely Horse Rescue, our local vet, and numerous specialists. This collective endeavour symbolises our shared belief in the transformative power of kindness and healing.

Once a racehorse bought for £16,500, Poh now represents an invaluable testament to the capacity for recovery and resilience. His future at Hunter Aromatics promises brighter days, exemplifying our mission to heal both horses and humans.

This is Poh after just 4 short weeks under our care.