Shine OM takes Fitness & Yoga to the Water – Climb on Board!

Janet Bradley
Written by Janet Bradley

I have been a big Instagram follower of many a internationally renowned yogi demonstrating and practicing yoga on a paddle board in tropical destinations all around the world.

In my youth, growing up in Johannesburg South Africa, sea side holidays to the coast of South Africa were the best times of my life and have always wished to live by the sea. So here I am now settled on this beautiful island, but never could imagine that such a dream of paddleboard yoga could come here!


But dream and wish I did, then soon found that Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP) is now emerging as the UK’s most popular watersport and further to completing my Supfit UK Yoga, Fitness and BSUPA Training courses Shine Om is now able to offer both Yoga and Fitness on the boards right here on the Isle of Man!

Both a low-impact and beginner friendly activity that is suited to everyone – so why not climb on board? With its credentials as the ultimate core workout for fitness and by combining carefully planned exercises and specifically designed yoga poses and sequences for the paddleboards, Shine SUP offers the best of both worlds – a workout for the body and the mind for all levels and abilities.

Why I like the SUP FIIT and SUP Yoga is because it flips the practiced yogi’s understanding upside down and brings it back to the basics and reignites the delight and wonder of when I first tried yoga.

From fast paced, high intensity SUP FIIT to gentle flowing SUP Yoga, there is an on-water class to suit everyone. The intensity of each exercise is amplified due to the board instability, meaning client’s enjoy a low impact workout whilst fully focused on the present moment.

As Deepak Choprah says “Nothing is more important than reconnecting with your inner self, nothing is more rich, nothing is more real” SUP Yoga is all encompassing, softness, balance, focus, nature, laughter and the best floating savasana ever!

So why not join the new revolution…..

Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all!

Helen Keller

Keep Practicing, Keep Paddling, Keep Shining, Shine SUP for you ?