The Power of “Why?”

Sonia Ribeiro
Written by Sonia Ribeiro

As human beings we often put ourselves in second or even third place. We put so much before us that we forget about the importance of putting ourselves first. We’re even told that putting ourselves first is selfish, when in fact what is selfish is not thinking that we are worthy of such an importance.

It becomes difficult to express our pains and sorrows when the environment around us tells us to keep our chin up, keep going and not show how we are actually feeling as this affects another person’s mood. So, we do something that is even more detrimental for us: swallow our pains and not share them for the fear of being misunderstood or risk being too vulnerable which could potentially be used against us.

Rapid Transformational Therapy

As the brilliant Marisa Peer (founder of Rapid Transformational Therapy) would say “emotion will always defeat logic”. It is only when our emotions or pains become more intense that we act upon them, but for many of us this could be years of constant inner pain before we take action. There’s a misconception in believing that it is how you handle your emotions or what you do to handle your emotions that will help you heal, when in fact the key ingredient lies on why you want to heal in the first place. When the healing becomes difficult or the environment around tries to trigger past emotions you may want to give up, but when your “Why” is strong you will always have that extra push to want to continue.

When I first meet with my clients, I always ask them to tell me why they want to do RTT with me. I then encompass their “Why” into their bespoke transformational audio that installs into their brains new thinking patterns and the key message:

“Even when everything seems to be challenging you have your why to carry you on.”

Discovering Rapid Transformational Therapy

When I came across RTT I knew that it had something new to offer the world, it resonated with me straight away because the reason behind Marisa Peer building this new innovative form of therapy was to provide what many of us seek in therapy: fast, immediate, and everlasting results. When you break a foot and go to hospital, you get treated quickly, you don’t go back over 20 times before you get it fixed. We all have busy lives and the last thing we want is to have continuous appointments where we feel we are not progressing, but instead we feel we are investing a lot of time and energy into something that does not appear to work for us.

As part of my RTT qualification I had the opportunity to experience the effects of RTT on different life situations. I am a great believer that until you have tried or experienced something you can’t really understand what you are speaking about. The same applies to when you share a life experience with someone that has never experienced it, as much as they can listen to you, until they live it in their own skin they won’t fully grasp the message you are trying to bring across.

So why did I choose Rapid Transformational Therapy?

As a child, I often felt like my voice was blocked by everything around me, even when I spoke, I was not being heard or remotely understood. Like many people in this world, I experienced many traumatic experiences as a child and this affected me tremendously inside. From a young age I watched my father lose himself in alcohol and domestically abuse my mother. I screamed so loud for him to stop, but it was like my voice was pure silence. My father is the reason why I connected so strongly with RTT, as he was a very angry man who just felt alone and was very hurt inside, but never opened up to anyone as he felt that he could not be helped or was even worthy of love. With RTT I hope to spread the message to as many people as possible that they are not alone, or helpless, and that there is a way out of their struggles without having to harm themselves.

If you are looking for a therapist that values your voice, makes you feel comfortable regardless of what you have to share, holds you accountable for your progress, works closely with you and provides you with the fast and lasting results you thought you never could have then I would strongly encourage you to use the information below to get in touch with me.

Main photo by The 77 Human Needs System on Unsplash