Using NLP to gain even more Confidence in your Business

Mindset is key in driving awareness to your bustling business. How can mindset help? Well, mindset is how we think, what we say to ourselves, are we reactive or proactive, do we project, and do we take time to be reflective on how we live?

Sounds like a lot but – by weaving some simple questions into our coffee break, commutes, shower time, we can create more purposeful lives.

What is confidence?

Confidence is knowing who you are, sticking with that, and just speaking your truth. It is also based on experience, and so, if you have had negative experiences then you and your amazing business could be stuck.

We become defensive, unfriendly, awkward from negative thoughts and this can hamper you making the most of new connections, business opportunities, meeting perspective clients.

Your Intelligent Body

Swapping these negative bodily reactions for practices of positive thoughts and the body follows suit by releasing feel good hormones; relaxing you, letting you smile, talk with ease, be curious and open to curious new customers. Win! Win! No more feeling of being stuck in life and business.

How to Become Unstuck – Life Hacks?

Well, if confidence is based on experience, positive feedback, being authentic then why not create a new experience where you get positive feedback?

Your brain does not understand – it sticks to the verbs and adjectives and nouns of your thoughts.

“You can’t sell your overpriced service here, you’re not good enough yet.”

Or “My family and friends don’t support me and tell me I will fail.”

What if I told you that your mind believes your thoughts? How would you change your thinking? If you envision yourself as successful, think about your wins (no matter how small) your mind believes you are successful and you will find yourself acting accordingly.

How can confidence help my business?

Do you like selling?

Do you like getting to know people, knowing that this act of cultivating a relationship will ultimately lead to some sort of gain for your business?

Be it through social media support, customers buying from you, giving positive reviews: support adds up and leads to fans and real life sales.

Some people love their business but are afraid to sell it. Confidence and NLP can help you overcome that in an authentic way to create real relationships and even make money.

Questions to Ask Yourself to Boost Confidence

1. What does my business stand for?
2. Why should you support my business?
3. How can I get my core business values across to my ideal client?
4. Am I ok with making money from my own gifts and talents?
5. How can I make new connections and make sales?
6. Would I support my business?
7. What does my business allow me to do?
8. When was I rejected in the past?
9. Does this holding on to past rejection serve me?
10. How can I best serve my ideal self?

When you answer these questions then question your answers – why is that? How could I improve on that? Does this really serve me and my business?

More Confidence Quick Hacks

Why not create an ideal scenario, write it down, feel it, think it, feel great as if it already happened and then get on with your day. Think of a time you achieved something, now think of more. Write it all down. Laminate it and leave it where you can see it.

Visual Thinkers/Manifestors: Or maybe use pictures – your first running medal, a picture of the car your learnt to drive in, a picture of a school copy book reminding you of learning to read and write, your degree, certificates, new friends…. everything. This is to remind you of all you have achieved and all you’ve yet to achieve.

Anchoring Confidence for on the go in All Situations: Anchor these good memories with a physical action, putting tongue to the top of your mouth maybe.

Or, better yet, use an uplifting citrus essential oil like Wild Orange. Not only does your limbic system get a happy boost but you can whip out a roller bottle anytime you need a confidence boost. Let the chemicals work with your limbic system for uplifting feeling and use that in harmony with your NLP work/visualisations.

Do this action of the tongue or use oil when you need to be reminded of how much you have achieved. You can do it. Why shouldn’t you!!!


Ultimately confidence is just a hormonal response and an emotional loop. Interrupt the loop, reprogram it and reap the rewards. I believe in you.