What is Animal Communication?

Fuen de la Cruz
Written by Fuen de la Cruz

A call to know the inner life of your animal

To communicate with animals is to go deeper into the inner life of your animal. His feelings, thoughts, ideas, opinions, experiences, wisdom, to understand the way he/she sees the world. We can communicate with all animal species and all of them have a story or message to tell if we just listen.

Domestic animals talk more about their families and lives within their home, however we can find interesting old souls. On another hand wild animals talk about nature, paths, universe, present, spiritual path.

Can anyone communicate with animals?

Everybody can communicate with animals, we just need to learn the techniques and then practice, practice, practice. It’s like opening a fresh eye that has been closed for a long time.

We were born with this eye open but over time this eye closed to survive in a society which is more rational.

What is an Animal Communicator?

An Animal Communicator is an intermediary between the animal companion and the animal, converting the messages into words. The messages can come in the form of feelings, behaviour, impressions, words, body language; in fact they can come in many different ways.

How can we communicate with animals?

The way to communicate with an animal differs for each Animal Communicator. The most important thing is to be a good listener.
Animals communicate between themselves in a telepathic way. When I say telepathic, this could be feelings, images – another sense of understanding.
The communication from the animal can come across in images, words, physical feelings and impressions. In my case when I understand an animal it’s from impressions, words and feelings.