What is Psychic Animal Communication?

Emma Tillyard
Written by Emma Tillyard

Psychic Animal Communication is like using a translation service to help you understand your beloved pet!

Photo by Yerlin Matu on Unsplash

You can use it to hear from your animal companions whether living or in Spirit.

Why might you want to use it?

There are several reasons people might want to use an animal communicator, the main ones being:

  • Unusual or problem behaviour
  • Questions and decisions about an animal’s health
  • Unresolved grief over losing an animal companion.

Sometimes people just have the sheer curiosity of wanting to know how their animal sees their world, receive any messages from them, and to find out if there is anything they can do to make their animal’s life better.

I telepathically connect with your animal, introduce myself and have a conversation with them, leading up to your questions to them. This all takes place in my ‘mind’s eye’, usually with no words being spoken verbally, using my intuitive abilities.

I write down what they say with pen and paper as we go along, then type this up to send to you.

What do your pets tell me?

As well as giving me their perspective on the situation you are concerned with, they also have a special message for you.

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Here are some recent examples:

A senior dog: “I still have a sense of humour, you know!”  He still wanted to be included in jokes and fun!

A dog in Spirit: “What signs are you sending your person to know you are still with them?”  The dog showed herself dropping a slobber-covered toy on the floor.  The owner then said the dog’s toy had been placed on a high shelf, but had one day mysteriously appeared in the middle of the floor!

A cat: “Get away from the electronics and go outdoors.  Switch off, unplug, put your bare feet on the earth.  Touch a tree.” She also shared an image of her owner relaxing at a bar or resting on a balcony, drink in hand, just enjoying the sunset, and doing nothing.

A cat in Spirit: ‘I don’t want her to grieve me, but to remember the love!’

Photo by Eric Han on Unsplash

I carry out all Psychic Animal Communication remotely, using a photo of your animal, for animals both living and in Spirit. I’ll ask you to provide me with a photo and some basic information about your animal, including up to 3 questions you may have for them.

I communicate telepathically with them for about an hour, then I type it up, and send you the transcript of the conversation. This will include questions about their typical daily life and routines, food and health, relationships with family members (both human and animal), leading up to your specific questions.

For animals in Spirit, it includes questions about their life on the other side, and signs they are sending you to show they are still with you! I always include special messages to you and other family members from your animal, whether living or in Spirit.I can help you and your animal, whether living or in Spirit, wherever you live in the world. 

I LOVE communicating with animals and can’t wait to speak with yours!

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