Why is it important to spend time realigning yourself every day?

Connie-Lee Bennet
Written by Connie-Lee Bennet

You know those moments when you feel completely overwhelmed? When you feel like you are being pulled in numerous directions or that you just don’t seem to be yourself as your emotions feel like they want to burst out of you?

In essence, Abraham Hicks would call this type of feeling, emotion and/or situation, ‘swimming upstream’.  When things just aren’t going right in your life, this could be either subtly or blatantly. One of the reasons we are here on earth, I believe, is to learn how to swim downstream. In other words, we are here to learn to realign ourselves with who we really are. When this alignment takes place we feel like we are swimming downstream, we feel like we are walking to the beat of our hearts and our true calling. Let’s take a moment to look at the analogy of swimming in any direction for a moment.  Most fish, bar the courageous salmon, swim downstream. This is easier as the water helps them swim with ease. If they were to swim upstream or against the current they would be fighting against the current. This would be hard for them.  This is the same for humans. Sometimes we feel that life just flows. On other occasions we feel like we have to fight against the current as life seems to be rushing, sometimes crashing against us.

How do we learn how to swim downstream? There are many ways; I like to sit and be still with my journal, go for a run, a ride in the countryside or even just sit and do one of Louise Hay’s exercises in just checking in on where my body is physically at, how it is doing. Other ways people centre themselves is through various forms of meditation, exercise, workshops, reading self-help books, talking to friends. The universe has given us messages in many forms to help us find tools that resonate with ourselves. On a very basic level, simply just breathing in your higher self and breathing out that which isn’t in alignment with your true worth is an excellent way to learn how to swim downstream. On this level it is learning to realign yourself with your true self. When you are in alignment with your true self it is easier for you to hear and move in the direction of your higher purpose which feels like you are swimming downstream.

On a deeper level what is going on when we spend time realigning ourselves every day? There are many parts/energies to who we are as human beings in the spiritual worlds. The most important energy to me at the moment is my soul energy. This is the energy that I want to spend time with every day so that it can become stronger and I can learn to start living through and from this energy within myself. As I start to learn more about and focus on this energy I believe it starts to move more freely through, up, down and out of me thus allowing me to grow from these flows. Another energy is the heart chakra. It is the consciousness of your heart that invites all experiences into your life that bless and teach you. It is within these experiences that our reality exists and we start to flow downstream more easily.

Thus by spending time with ourselves every day we allow a new ‘identity’/a new birth to be activated that is not from the ego (the conscious mind influenced by society). It is this mind that is activated when we are feeling overwhelmed and caught up in emotions and every day challenges. One of the ways to quieten this voice and awaken your soul’s voice is to spend time with yourself every day feeling the soul’s energy. Our heart chakra carries the memories from our past experiences and it knows what we need to learn and experience is this life which is why it calls certain experiences to us (this is different to the principles of the law of attraction). When these experience are present within our reality, we have the opportunity to listen to either our soul’s voice or that of our ego.

This is a remarkable blessing to be able to know that this emergence of our true selves is ahead of us. This is what gives us the confidence to know that all is well, that even if we don’t understand what is going on in the deeper levels of ourselves, our daily meditations will give us the opportunity to let this be. We give ourselves the opportunity to flow in the downstream in the rivers of our unique, beautiful souls. We give ourselves the opportunity to practice listening to our soul’s voice and objectively hear our ego but not act on it but simply just to let it go with gratitude.  Thus choosing to swim downstream.