Yoga for the Vagina

Yoga for the V
Tamra Mercieca
Written by Tamra Mercieca

How do you feel about your vagina? Do you love her? Or do you fear her? Do you have a juicy, intimate connection with your vagina? Or do you avoid her at all costs? What is your relationship with your vagina? Is it one where you listen to her and trust her? And only allow things into her, when she says ‘Yes please’? Or does your vagina feel numb and foreign to you?

Heal your sexual organs and awaken your body to pleasure!

The health of the relationship we have with our vagina is a direct reflection of the health of the relationship we have with ourselves, and with our life as a whole. When we’re willing to spend time with our vagina, so we can heal our vagina, we open ourselves to experience healing on all levels; in all areas of our life. So in that respect, we can use our vagina as a tool – as a mirror – to reflect back to us, all of the ‘stuff’ we need to resolve, so we can cultivate self-love, and in doing so, enjoy a rich, vibrant and fulfilling life.

That is the purpose of Yoga for the Vagina. We essentially date our vagina, by connecting with her regularly, during a Yoga for the Vagina practice. And this practice opens us up to feeling ourselves, so we can heal ourselves. In order to create healing in the body, we need to be present with our body. We need to go inside and listen. And that is the core teaching in Yoga for the Vagina.

When we experience health problems, in particular sexual health problems, it’s the body’s way of trying to get our attention, so we’ll listen. By practising Yoga for the Vagina you place yourself in a space where you can become aware of what thoughts, habits, behavioural patterns and addictions that are not serving you, so you can let them go, and embrace more positive habits, healthier thoughts, and nourishing ways of living in your body. And when you do this, the body naturally begins to self-heal.

That’s what it’s designed to do, but if we’re consuming sugar-rich food and drinking alcohol, if we’re  using our body in a way that is harmful – pushing it to the extreme with exercise or sitting around not doing much in an unhealthy posture – if we have negative, hurtful thoughts playing on repeat in our mind, if we’re engaging in relationships with others that leave us feeling less than or drained; these kinds of things get in the way of the body’s natural healing abilities.

That’s when we start to get sick, or show symptoms of illness or disease. If we look at women’s sexual health issues alone, the statistics are shocking. Almost half of all women will experience some form of sexual organ prolapse, where an organ shifts out of place, bulging into the vaginal canal, and in worst case scenarios, falls right on out of the vagina. Every 10 hours in Australia a woman dies of ovarian cancer.

12% of women of childbearing age are infertile, and cervical cancer affects one in 155 women, with many more having all sorts of invasive surgeries to remove pre-cancerous cells, which essentially damages the cervix, and can lead to further complications, including loss of sexual arousal, infertility and so forth. And it was this experience where I returned a positive result showing I had abnormal cells in my cervix that led me to create Yoga for the Vagina.

I was 31 when I was diagnosed as being the stage before cancer and strongly advised by my gynaecologist, to have a procedure that could have left me unable to conceive. Now I’ve always been someone who prefers to take a more natural approach to my healing, so I said No, and told my doctor that I’d return in 3 months once I’d had a chance to explore more natural options.

During that time I got out my Jade Egg and I created my own practices based on independent research, and my previous trainings in a range of different healing modalities, while at the same time worked with the therapy techniques I use to help people get to the root cause of mental and physical illness. When I returned to my gynaecologist about 4 months later I was given a clean bill of health. My doctor claiming it was a ‘Miracle’.

My belief however, is that this ‘miracle’, is possible for anyone, who is willing to go inside, sit with themselves, move in a way that is tension releasing, inside of tension forming, so you can start to clear the body of stagnation and stuck energy, and in doing so, free the body to operate as the healthy vehicle. And these are the core practices I teach in Yoga for the Vagina. Core practices I believe every woman should know, so she can prevent pelvic issues, and if she’s already experiencing pelvic issues, so she can heal those pelvic issues.