Angel Card Readings

Angel Cards

The energy of angel card readings are full of love and clarity. Whether you have someone give you a reading or are simply using cards for yourself. They can help give inspiration and guidance in many areas of your life.

Sometimes in life we just need a little encouragement or confirmation in our mind.

Over the years of practice it’s never ceased to amaze us how accurate the cards are, not just for ourselves but for others also. Recently a friend asked a pendulum question and to back it up we used the cards, shuffling the cards asking what she asked the pendulum which we got a yes for, two yes card flew out the pack, the only two in the pack! That’s an example of a clear message.

Our experience of angel card readings have seen stress and worry lift from someone where before they had felt lost or disconnected, a general reading or asking specific questions can create shifts in people elevating their love and joyful state.

We all have angels that work with us. Some choose to work with them and others need to be guided. Your angels work for the highest good of all. They are there to help in anyway they can. Angel cards provide a tool to help with that connection.

Have you tried calling on your Angels? It as simple as saying “Angels can you help me with this?” Once you start to talk to them daily, you will begin to notice the signs and synchronicities, never think you are asking too much, they are always there to help and guide you.

Remember by simply using the power of love we can all help and guide each other along the way in what is simply the journey of life.

Below are an example of some cards that were pulled from the Doreen Virtue Healing with the Angels deck! They made us smile as they were pulled as an example yet they are so fitting for us as the Soul Sistas! Emerging, that’s precisely what is happening, the Soul Sistas are emerging into grace and our spiritual growth is continuing and helping others to develop their spiritual growth with love.