What are Angels?

Nina Sell
Written by Nina Sell

A lot of people I encounter in daily life will ask me this question once the topic of Angels has been brought up. This is how I generally like to describe them:

Most of us are familiar with Angels being portrayed in human form as breathtakingly beautiful beings of ethereal beauty, rather magnificent to look at with their white feathery wings. And although Angels might appear to the clairvoyant eye of some as such, Angels are in fact energy forms, beyond the physicality of the human body.

I see them as an Intelligence of Light, vibrating at a high frequency of pure unconditional love. Unlike humans, Angels are without Ego (Ego here stands for the energy of separation, fear and the lower will), meaning they see and perceive us for who we truly are without judgement through the eyes of love. Angels love to listen and respond to the messages of our hearts because in our hearts this is where we hold our deepest truths.

Angels are not deceased loved ones as some might believe. In fact Angels have not experienced a physical life on Earth as we do (apart from the two well-known exceptions of the Archangels Metatron, who once walked the Earth as Enoch the scribe, and Sandalphon, who was the prophet Elijah).As such Angels are of no gender. They are also not bound by space or time and exist in a dimension beyond time and space limitations, i.e. are therefore omnipotent and omnipresent.

Angel Therapy

Angels are said to be created by Source (Source here stands as a synonym for God, Creator or Holy Mother and Father God or Great Divine Spirit) as divine beings to help guide us on our journey and keep the flux of positive energy such as love, harmony and peace on this planet while we discover and follow our higher life purpose and work through our karma and ascension processes. Angels are bridging our physical reality with their pure spiritual energy. As we trust and open our hearts to them we will recognise their presence. As mentioned before, Angels always listen to the messages of our hearts and know us for who  we truly are.

The word “Angel” derives from the Greek “angelos” meaning “messenger”. Christianity, for instance, believes in Angels as “Messengers of God”. However there is no need to belong to any religion, or to possess certain religious beliefs or dogmas to work with Angels, as they are truly universal and all-inclusive as what regards their affinity with our planet and all its life-forms on it.So to sum things up, Angels:

♥ Are ego-less, celestial beings;

♥ Are genderless energy forms, beyond the physicality of the human body;

♥ Are pure energy of unconditional love and light;

♥ Are universal and all-inclusive;

♥ Are omnipotent & omnipresent, i.e. not bound by space or time;

♥ Exist in higher vibrational dimensions;

♥ Bridge the gap between the physical reality and spirituality;

♥ Are our guides, protectors, helpers and travelling companions on our journey through life;

♥ Are our heavenly life coaches;

Angel Therapy

Angels have become such a natural part of my everyday life and not one day goes by that I wouldn’t call upon them involving them into my decision making on a daily basis in all aspects of my life.Once you invite Angels in your life and ask for their companionship, friendship, and trusted help you will truly realise that you never walk alone. Angels cannot make decisions for us and live our life for us but they can certainly help us to live a more peaceful, healthier and happier life. So that makes them my most favourite life coaches!

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