Animal Communication and Reiki

Animal Communication
Peggy Fairweather
Written by Peggy Fairweather

Animal communication, or interspecies telepathic communication, is a telepathic communication between individuals of different species. Many animals wish to communicate further with their owners than they already do. This technique of animal communication allows animals to open up and confess their feelings.

Animal communication can be incredibly powerful in assisting the understanding of potential behavioural issues or changes in the animal. The conversation with the animal in question can also develop humorous levels, with the animal’s unique personality shining through, no two animals are the same!

Photo by Alicja Koczaska on Unsplash

This method of contact is not a substitute for veterinary medicine, but it is beneficial to the animal as it helps them to get their views across and can help their owners understand what is going on. I am able to open up a channel with the animal, and this enables them to pass on information.  This could include what they are thinking and how they are feeling.

Animal communication is a process which happens at a deep soul level, this works by making a connection to the animal in a very loving way. However, it only happens if the animal is happy to participate.

I am also able to offer the animal Reiki Healing, if the animal is happy to receive this.  Reiki works by initially making contact to the animal with my hands, gently hovering above them and drawing them to where they need to go. This enables me to heal the animal on not just a physical level, but an emotional and spiritual level too. Therefore, Reiki compliments the whole aspect of communication.

Reiki is a relaxing process which is not harmful to the animal, but instead is a truly calming and relaxing experience.

Both Reiki and animal communication are undertaken in an intimate and loving way. The communication is an exchange of love and compassion, which comforts the animal.  It can be especially useful where the animal may be experiencing some trust issues.