Are you being affected by negative energy?

Meet Yourself Protection
Tasneem and Naheed
Written by Tasneem and Naheed

In the current climate it’s difficult to avoid being exposed to some form of negativity, whether it’s people’s emotions like anger, frustration, fear; or physical agents (electromagnetic radiation, chemical pollutants, etc.).

You only have to be around a negative person to know how quickly you can be affected by them.

Most people have experienced instances when their energy or mood seemed to change suddenly, for no obvious reason. You may have felt drained, or had feelings or thoughts which didn’t seem to be your own. Most likely, somebody else’s energy had entered your aura (bioenergy field that surrounds the physical body), and your mind translated it as your own feelings and thoughts.

Meet Yourself Protection

Negative energy may also be projected consciously or unconsciously, by people who are angry or jealous of you, and may be responsible for some of the unexplained problems and tribulations in your life. E.g. someone gets angry at you in traffic – their negative vibes will reach you.

“Negative” energies are low vibrational energies that affect you emotionally, physically or mentally, disturbing your calm, and causing feelings of anxiety, pain, depression, lack of concentration, sometimes even headaches and dizziness. All human thoughts, emotions, actions create energy vibrations, and the commonest causes of negative energy are self-defeating thoughts or emotions (frustration, anxiety, criticism, self-doubt, anger, pessimism etc.). These create negative energy in the body which is also released into the environment.

So, if you use public transport, visit public places (supermarkets, shopping malls, schools, etc.) you’re likely to be picking up a great deal of negative energy. Most people are unable to perceive negative energy with their physical senses and, hence, are unaware of its presence, or the fact that they are picking it up from the environment or from others. Even within the home or workplace, quarreling or conflict generates negativity, as do radio waves.

At times when you’re run down or emotionally low you become more vulnerable to negative energy, in the same way as when your immunity is weak you’re more susceptible to catching a virus.

Picking up negative energy from others and from the environment causes harm by lowering your vibration and vitality. As a result, immunity and resistance are lowered, so you become more prone to illness, depression, anxiety, stress. Your ability to attract and experience love and affection is also compromised – like attracts like, and your low vibrational state attracts more negativity.

When you anticipate being physically attacked you use appropriate means to protect yourself. But negative energies are not tangible and we cannot know how they are affecting us, or how to defend against them. It’s extremely difficult to completely avoid public places, any form of conflict, environmental pollution, or angry/jealous people. So, however positive minded you are, you may still be accumulating negative energy.

Meet Yourself Protection

Meet Yourself Protection provides a unique and reliable way of counteracting negative energies, restoring the body’s energy balance, and raising your vibration and vitality. It has a 2-fold action:

  • A protective “Energy shield“ is formed around you (like an invisible bubble) – a subtle energy layer which “swallows up” low frequency (negative) energy – thus preventing or reducing the effects of incoming negative energy.
  • Removes existing negativity in the body and aura.

Thus it increases your overall vibration and ability to attract positivity into your life; and promotes wellbeing on all levels (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual). This protective Energy shield stays with you for life.

Benefits of Meet Yourself Protection:

  • Reduced effects on you of other people’s negativity, anger, jealousy etc.
  • Protection from picking up negative energy from public places or public transport.
  • Improved immunity and health
  • Improved focus and mental clarity – clearing negativity reduces brain fog.
  • More positive mindset and resilience
  • Increased power of attraction
  • Experience greater love and affection

Photo by MARK ADRIANE on Unsplash

Photo by Igor Kasalovic on Unsplash