Podcasts have become an essential part of my daily life, offering captivating narratives, diverse topics, and endless inspiration. Whether I’m commuting or exercising, they provide a unique window into different perspectives, fostering connection and personal growth. With each episode, I’m drawn into a world of exploration, expanding my horizons and enriching my understanding of the world around me

Here are a few podcasts that may be of interest…

Brené Brown

Bren John C. Parkin Brown is a key figure of public speaking predominantly about vulnerability, courage etc. She has books, TED talks etc. She has a variety of podcasts currently on Spotify: Unlocking Us, dare to lead, The Most Eye-Opening 14 Minutes Of Your Life…etc . Brené Brown also has a plethora of Free Downloads that might help you too.

Here is one example of a Ted Talk by Brené Brown.

Fearne Cotton

A good starting point for someone who doesn’t want to go too ‘deep’ but could do with some light-hearted tips and inspiration.

Fearne Cotton has a podcast that can be found on YouTube called Fearne Cotton’s Happy Place.

Mel Collins 

A total transformational eye-opener for me. If you find yourself being called ‘too sensitive’ and picking up on energies, are empathetic, over-analyse and find life overwhelming, are interested in spiritual ‘stuff’ too then this is for you! 

Mel Collins is on YouTube talking about what it means to be a highly sensitive person.

Joanna Faber and Julie King

These podcasts are useful for anyone with children.  Opened my eyes to different techniques to try and to understand how my daughter’s mind works too. A great support for improving bonds, general happiness and wellbeing within the family home.

Here is a podcast by Mindful Mama talking with Joanna Faber & Julie King. The authors have done several podcasts/interviews so there are plenty more to listen to on YouTube.

Karen Rauch Carter

Anyone interested in or learning about the magic of Feng Shui will appreciate this. This goes from explaining, to tips and techniques, from minor to major planning.

Karen Rauch Carter has a YouTube channel and I’ve selected one of her videos below.

John C. Parkin 

On YouTube I found the John C. Parkin’s promotional video explaining his background and ethos.

‘F**k It’ the ultimate Spiritual Way – John C. Parkin  was bought for me a few years ago. I found this fun, interesting and inspiring to learn to let go when I needed to. It’s all about perspective, alleviating stress and anxiety etc.

Grow Free: Communication that Connects – Emma Baxter and Anneke Sips

Emma facilitates opportunities for safe and open dialogue around current issues. Dialogue that supports us to explore various perspectives, perhaps ones that we haven’t considered or been aware of or ones that we were pretty sure were flawed or just wrong. Dialogue that moves us closer to ‘others’ that might hold one a perspective different to our own in a way that actually deepens our understanding.

Pussy Galore – Living an Inspired Life – Julie White

Pussy Galore® is about supporting women to cultivate a healthy and harmonious relationship with themselves. Our feminine power derives from the divine aspect within ourselves that brings our life force into this world. We reclaim the word ‘pussy’ as a powerful way to connect to our internal life force and divinity, when we send pure, positive, loving, thoughts towards her, we learn to love, honour and know ourselves.

Burning Times

This episode delves into the pages of history, exploring a dark period when women were persecuted, labelled as witches, and subjected to unimaginable cruelty. We’ll uncover how the echoes of this harrowing past still reverberate in our society today, as women often find themselves pitted against each other in a patriarchal culture that seeks to maintain its grip on power.

Living an Inspired Life – Julie’s Story

The powerful narrative of Julie, who has experienced the depths of darkness and emerged as a shining example of what’s possible when you embrace change and harness the potential within.

But Julie’s journey doesn’t stop with her own transformation – it extends to helping other women embark on their unique healing paths.

Khanyi Tshabalala

A space curated to explore the interconnectedness between emotional intelligence and mindfulness.

The Lantern

Khanyi explores the relationship between Emotional Intelligence and Mindfulness through a series of conversations.

Home is Where the Heart is?

Khanyi explores the concept of home with Franceska Gustave. Cheska’s “home” is the United States. She is an ex professional volleyball player and came to London her new “home” to pursue a Masters of Science in Psychology degree at the University of East London.

To Goal or not to Goal?

Do we set goals to distract ourselves from the present moment? Keep ourselves living in hope? Maybe we set goals to take control of our time and account for our time spent, here. In this episode, Khanyi explores the importance we are socialised to attach to goals and provides an alternate perspective to consider.

Make Lemonade

Khanyi discusses the phrase “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade”.

Life could be a series of episodes demanding us to make lemonade. Your responsibility is to focus on the process of making lemonade. Yours is not to worry about who likes your lemonade or who will come to your lemonade stand, yours is to focus on intuitively making your lemonade recipe with the belief that there is someone who will love your lemonade, just as it is.

Ryan Holiday- The Daily Stoic

As Ryan Holiday puts it: “A Stoic doesn’t control the world, but they control always how they respond to the world. So it’s a really great philosophy if you’re doing something ambitious. If you’re a leader or an athlete or a poet or a politician, it’s there for the stresses of life.”

Erick Cloward – The Stoic Coffee Break

The Stoic Coffee Break is a weekly podcast where Erick Cloward explores an aspect of stoicism. 

Main – Photo by Saliha Sevim