Steph our Business Development Manager has shared her favourite books that she’s read recently and that she believes might be of interest to some of you.

Braving the wilderness – Brené Brown

Brené Brown is a key figure of public speaking predominantly about vulnerability, courage etc. She has other books, TED talks etc. I personally found this one a tough read in terms of language and flow but persisted with it and she is an inspirational speaker. It was worth persisting.

Brené Brown has 2 podcasts currently on Spotify: Unlocking Us and dare to lead

She also has a plethora of Free Downloads that might help you too.

Here is one example of a Ted Talk by Brené Brown.

Happy – Fearne Cotton

A much lighter book about finding the joy in every day but a very popular personality / presenter. I love Fearne and I loved reading about her journey and insights. A good starting point for someone who doesn’t want to go too ‘deep’ but could do with some light-hearted tips and inspiration. She also gives little activities to complete etc throughout but you can take them or leave them. Fearne has published other books too e.g. Speak Your Truth, Quiet, Calm, Calm: The Journal, Happy:The Journal and several cookbooks.

Fearne Cotton has a podcast that can be found on YouTube called Fearne Cotton’s Happy Place.

The Handbook for Highly Sensitive People – Mel Collins 

A total transformational eye-opener for me. If you find yourself being called ‘too sensitive’ and picking up on energies, are empathetic, over-analyse and find life overwhelming, are interested in spiritual ‘stuff’ too then this is for you! This book helped me identify some of my own personal traits whilst opening my eyes and discovering more about the deeper meaning of life.  I could say more… 

Mel Collins is on YouTube talking about what it means to be a highly sensitive person.

How to Talk So Little Kids will Listen – Joanna Faber and Julie King

Another BRILLIANT and useful read for anyone with children.  Opened my eyes to different techniques to try and to understand how my daughter’s mind works too.  A pick-up and put down for many years as needed with different tips for different ages etc and some real life examples of people trying different methods of communication with their kids and the outcomes they derived! Very useful to have on the shelf.  A great support for improving bonds, general happiness and wellbeing within the family home.

Here is a podcast by Mindful Mama talking with Joanna Faber & Julie King. The authors have done several podcasts/interviews so there are plenty more to listen to on YouTube.

Move Your Stuff, Change Your Life – Karen Rauch Carter

I have owned this for many years! Anyone interested in or learning about the magic of Feng Shui will appreciate this. This goes from explaining, to tips and techniques, from minor to major planning. I love picking this up when I feel energies need shifting!

Karen Rauch Carter has a YouTube channel and I’ve selected one of her videos below.

‘F**k It’ the ultimate Spiritual Way – John C. Parkin 

Brought for me a few years ago now, I found this fun, interesting and inspiring to learn to let go when I needed to. I’d need a bit more time to recall its contents, but it is a pretty popular one. It’s all about perspective, alleviating stress and anxiety etc.

On YouTube I found the author’s promotional video explaining his background and ethos.

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