Crystal Healing

Written by Pia Tohveri

A crystal healing treatment initiates relaxation of the body and mind, and helps to create a harmonious feeling. By placing stones on the body, the gentle pressure of crystals on chakras and other points on the body, act to release tension. The relaxation brings a sense of peace and opens up new possibilities to receive and to change circumstances which are no longer needed.


Historically, crystals and stones have a long tradition of being used in healing world-wide and their attribution as personal talismans imbued with protective power is well documented. Crystal healing is part of energy medicine and works holistically to cleanse and re-align the chakras, meridians and acupressure points, which may become blocked, weak, over-active or fragmented. Energy healing with crystals can address these imbalances and restore the energy field of the body and assist us in becoming focused, grounded and feeling complete.

Properties of Crystals

The efficacy of crystals in energy healing is attributed to their properties of electromagnetism, colour spectrum and geological composition. Crystals have a unique internal structure according

to how they were formed in the earth. Their formation can belong to one of the seven crystal lattices, for example, they can be trigonal like quartz, hexagonal like aquamarine, or cubic like fluorite. The varying formations correspond to certain vibrational frequencies that can be used in different ways to cleanse and align the chakras, meridians and acupressure points of the body. Applying specific crystals on the body can therefore help to restore its energy systems and invigorate the body’s natural healing ability. A crystal healing treatment is an effective way in which we can connect to our deeper self through the ‘earthy’ qualities of crystals. This can bring up forgotten issues which need to be released to accelerate healing on the physical, emotional and mental levels.

Crystal Therapy Treatment

During a crystal therapy treatment, the chakras of the client are assessed to pick up imbalances and crystals are intuitively chosen to work on the issue.

For example, a client with a blocked and weak solar plexus chakra, which is the power centre dealing with self-confidence, might need a smoky quartz to clear and pull out any stagnation for the client be able to stand in their own power. Or if this chakra is over-active, a calming crystal, such as aquamarine, can be used to achieve balance.

Another example is if a client has problems with their root chakra, which deals with personal and material security issues, a garnet can be used to ground them and to reinforce a sense of security. Or if the client has an over-active root chakra, a smoky quartz can be placed there to release excess energy and relax this area.

Grids of crystals can be used during a treatment to provide support, to cleanse, or for deep relaxation.

For example, a grid of rose quartz can enhance the ability to receive love, while a grid of citrine cleanses and brings in abundance and joy. A sodalite grid will promote a very chilled out feeling for stressed out individuals, while an amethyst grid will fortify the spiritual connection with one’s higher self and increase cosmic awareness.

Overall, a crystal healing treatment promotes relaxation of the body and mind by releasing tension and boosting the individual’s own healing capacity.  An experienced Crystal Healer uses crystals creatively and with care to enhance all aspects of an individual’s energy body to initiate recovery.

Example of a Crystal Healing Layout

Crystal TherapyTry the below crystal healing layout to increase self-love and to attract more love into your life.

The crystals you need for this are:

  • 4 rose quartz
  • 1 amethyst
  • 1 aquamarine
  • 1 black tourmaline

Put the four rose quartz in a grid around you, place the amethyst on your crown chakra, put the aquamarine on your heart chakra and the black tourmaline between your feet.

Take a few deep breaths and relax.

Imagine that you are lying in a very beautiful meadow, next to a small waterfall. Feel how the smooth, soft grass is caressing your body and how the relaxing sound of the water is soothing your mind.

Connect with your heart chakra and visualise how the pale turquoise blue aquamarine is cleansing and calming this area.

Then connect with your crown chakra and feel how the beautiful purple amethyst is balancing and and nurturing this area.

Feel the rose quartz around you, their soft pink colour cleansing and soothing your body and mind.

Relax and stay in meditation for 5 to 10 minutes.

When you get up, check in with yourself that you are grounded. Drink a glass of water or tea to get fully back into your body again.

After the meditation, journal about the following questions:

  • How is your heart resonating with the love around you?
  • What steps can you take to increase your vibration to attract more love?

Create a Love Box

Create a Love Box and write all your intentions for love on a piece of paper. Place one rose quartz and the paper in the box. Seal the box with gratitude and then place it somewhere you will see it everyday to be reminded of all the universal love around you. After six months, open the box and have a look at what you wrote and what has manifested.

You can repeat the crystal healing whenever you feel the need for some self-love.

Blessed Be