Energy exercises and Dr. Hering’s law of natural healing

Over many years of working as a health coach, I have noticed significant and lasting health improvements on people that practise natural healing, as opposed to those who choose suppressive allopathic methods by consuming pharmacological products. The key difference between the two approaches is quick fix methodology, which suppresses symptoms vs. long and more complex healing required by the body to properly restore its natural state of being.

Education and proper use of information is power. Well informed people are empowered to make bold and life changing decisions, which is not quite possible when one follows suppressive methodology. In so doing, when you know your current condition in greater detail, you can make good decisions concerning your mental and physical health, lifestyle, nutrition, exercise, relaxation, energy work and any other forms of self-help that will enable you to manage your health and wellbeing. In our training we provide you with all the above, plus guidance regarding key decisions achieved through collaborative work with other delegates and mutual exchange of information and experiences. In addition, all our teaching follows the natural law of cure, which regulates the process of how living organisms move from sickness to health, from depletion to robust vitality and from suffering to well-being. Interfering with these healing laws by means of suppression, generally leads to health complications and prolongation of suffering.

In this age of instant gratification, suppression of symptoms is created by the inappropriate consumption of medication. However, when you know how to naturally heal you can alleviate the need to suppress your condition using the allopathic approach and instead chose more natural paths that will lead you to full health and vitality.

Hering’s Law

Constantine Hering was a renowned homeopath who lived in the 19th century and is credited for formulating the first law of healing, which describes the direction of symptoms in cure. According to Hering, during the healing process, symptoms in living beings move: from above downwards, from within outwards, from the centre to the periphery and from more important organs to less important ones. The healing takes place in the exact reverse order in which it has first appeared in the body.

Hering’s Law represents the formula of all real healing. Simply put, it is the way that the body instinctively and organically heals itself. When symptoms get suppressed through the use of medication, it prevents your body from working things out through normal healing methods. The use of allopathic medication hampers the healing process by interfering with your body’s intelligent response to illness. While suppression and palliation may make you feel good in the shorter periods of time, they never cure disease and even worse, they often create or exacerbate them by interfering with the natural laws of cure. In order to explain this better, let’s use this example – if a person suppresses cold symptoms with medications that oppose fever, mucus production, sore throat and sneezing, the condition may go more inward to more important organs and result in transforming a simple cold into a more severe bronchitis or even pneumonia (i.e. from nose and throat to chest and lungs). This means that on a practical level, in order to heal, one needs to undergo a definite and specific healing process. Inner conditions need to externalise before leaving the system entirely. Recent conditions must resolve first, before chronic conditions begin to significantly alleviate. Curing asthma may lead to the temporary return of an old rash or eczema. Treating people with diabetes and heart disease may lead to the return of an old arthritic condition or recurrent bronchitis or sinusitis, before the body strengthens enough to overcome both.

Healing can be complex

Healing can be complex and uncomfortable at times, but knowing that your symptoms are following a reliable law of cure can be reassuring along the way. This means that you may not be completely free of suffering or discomfort for longer periods of time, but you will know that you are in the process of being healed completely. However, whenever you suppress symptoms of your illness, you’re giving yourself short term relief, but at the same time you’re creating deeper and more complex problems for the future.

So whenever you start the process of natural healing, you must take into consideration that for each year you have suffered a given condition, it will take you 1- 2 months (sometimes longer) of proper, non-suppressive healing for its complete reversal. Thus a disease condition ten years standing will take approximately a year of treatment to fully resolve. This “formula” provides a useful benchmark for assessing your own personal prognosis. It also points toward a definite and necessary commitment to the healing process. This is exactly what we do in our courses and retreats, we study, analyse, discuss, train, observe and through daily application and micro learning, our delegates slowly become proficient on all matters concerning their conditions and ways to return to their complete health and wellbeing.

So whenever you are feeling down, low energy or totally unable to concentrate, focus or even do a simple routine task – don’t worry. Give yourself a good mental and physical check and carefully evaluate as to what might be the cause. In most cases, you might be experiencing strong reversal conditions explained above and if so, we advise you not to panic or do anything that might hamper your healing process. Instead, we suggest you calmly assess your situation and if necessary contact fully trained medical professionals for help. If you were on our course, you would be meticulously journaling all your experiences, which would be discussed in our monthly post training meetings. Those experiences would be used by everyone to adequately address similar conditions in the future.