Crystal Tune-ups and Workshops

Natasha Longman
Written by Natasha Longman

Would you like to learn how to set intentions, heal, manifest, and create with crystals?

~ Energy is wealth, without it we have nothing. ~

We and everything around us are made up of vibrating energy, with each and every one of us having our own unique vibrational frequency. Looking after your energy should be just as much of a priority as your physical health, but normally takes a backseat to what is predominantly seen. Every day we go through so many highs and lows. Certain interactions with people we come into contact with can change and affect our thought patterns and frequencies. Either raising our spirits to a new high or dampening them, depending on what has been said or done. Cleansing our frequencies regularly is really important to allow us all to reach greatness every day.

I believe everyone should have a crystal tool set, and know how to use and tune them into their aura field. Once you know and understand how to do this, you can use this method any time you feel you require a tune-up, to feel alive and aligned once again. Crystals are part of Mother Gaia, having existed since the Earth was created. It is important that we learn to work with these beautiful tools correctly and incorporate them into our daily life. To live a fulfilled life, we must learn how to manipulate our energies and aura. We are the creators of our own destiny, it’s time to learn how to rewire limiting beliefs and become the true warrior you really are!

Since the age of 7, I have worked with crystals, which sparked my passion to become a spiritual coach and reiki teacher/master. My main focus is to help others realign and self-heal, as behind every illness is an unhealed trauma. Our bodies are not meant to get ill, it’s the pressure and restrictions that are placed upon us which cause our chakras to be misaligned. Balanced chakras play a key part in our alignment and well-being. To balance our energies not only using crystals, incorporating grounding, meditation, numerology, life path numbers and colours into our every day, can change our energy and alignment. With any of my healing sessions or workshops, you will learn to manipulate your own energy, learn how to create your own destiny, rewire your limiting beliefs and become a champion of your own energy.

I focus on realigning your Chakras, providing insight, and helping you find your life’s purpose. The crystals which are used during your sessions are only high vibrational, ethically sourced, and grade-A. The quality can be felt by immediate touch, the higher vibrational crystals result in stronger healing and tune-ups, acting as conduits for moving positive energy flow into the body and removing blockages. It is a non-invasive treatment to bring help during difficult times, ease stress and anxiety or bring physical healing for the body. Crystal healers and crystal tune-up practitioners, such as myself, have experienced the power of subtle energies reported after tuning into an individual and ‘seeing’ or visualising the colours of a person’s aura that may be stuck.

Crystals are not just for practitioners; you can learn to align and work with them yourself. Our Crystal workshop is the perfect opportunity to take home the best advice for understanding how to use the power of Energy. 

During my workshops, you will be provided with a full set of crystals to work with (which you can purchase after should you wish). I will run through each crystal, perform an activation, meditation and connect the crystal to your chakras and aura field. This workshop is a fun experience, in which we will run through each crystal to use,  explaining why and how we can get the best out of them (instead of them just being on our shelves and collecting dust!). The key part of the workshop is learning when to use them, how to use them when feeling unbalanced or out of character, or even how to vibrate and change our energy to receive messages from above or our higher self.

To read more about Crystal healing tune-ups and what will take place at a session or to find out about any other treatments, zoom workshops, one to one sessions and blogs, visit Always Believe in Miracles.