What is Intuition?

Rebecca Michelle
Written by Rebecca Michelle

What is intuition? Do some of us have it and some of us don’t? The truth is, we’re all intuitive. It’s just that some of us actually listen and respond to our intuitive nudges, while others suppress or deny this natural inherent phenomenon. Intuition is the ability to receive information through our awareness without physical evidence or obvious deliberation.

According to author Sherrie Dillard who wrote “You are Psychic”, we intuit mainly in one of four ways:

  • thoughts/mentally – e.g. images or thoughts come through your awareness
  • emotions/emotionally – e.g. maybe you notice a peaceful or sad emotion
  • body/physical intuition – e.g. gut feeling or awareness of a physical sensation in the body
  • dreams, imagination/spiritual intuition – e.g. a vision, dream or imagination and these are normally of a symbolical nature

So, what does intuition look like in a general way?

Intuition is:

  • even toned/matter of fact
  • spontaneous
  • feels expansive and is forward moving
  • repetitive – it’ll keep reminding you
  • in favour of the highest good for ALL

Intuition generally doesn’t:

  • come through a thought process or feel overly emotional
  • feel constricting
  • harm others or yourself
  • depend on what’s worked in the past or refer to past experiences for confirmation that it’s “right “

So, why don’t we listen to our intuition?

  • it can dramatically change your life and we’re not ready for change
  • we doubt or second guess ourselves or the information received
  • our attachments, aversions, bias’, and conditioning interfere with our intuitive guidance 
  • it nudges us in a completely different direction, aka the unknown – yikes!

So how do we become more open to our natural intuitive abilities?

  • Spend time in nature
  • Spend time alone in silence
  • Practice Meditation*

*Meditation is an excellent way to actively tap into your intuition! I’ve been teaching others how to better connect to their natural superpower for years. After working together, practitioners walk away with a heightened sense of intuitive awareness and a better understanding of their intuition style. If you’re ready to connect to a deeper part of yourself and change your life in a positive way, then contact me to find out how simple it really is and we’ll have fun at the same time!

In my personal experience of intuition, it generally:

  • is non-emotional or matter of fact
  • is like a shimmery feeling in different parts of the body confirming what I’m doing is in alignment with my values or a greater cause
  • comes through my imagination (e.g. The first time I was on a yacht, I knew I’d be back. That image just kept popping into my mind on its own and I then worked six seasons on sailing yachts, so it wasn’t just a daydream!)

Listening to my intuition changed my life and will have a positive impact on your life as well. It will lead to a better quality of life, improved relationships, a better ability to make decisions, an increased capacity to take care of ourselves and so much more.

How does your intuition speak to you?  I’d love to hear about it!

Main photo by Content Pixie on Unsplash