Facial Exercises

Facial exercises are routines designed to tone and lift the face up naturally. The exercises aim to stretch and relax the facial muscles, whilst we give a gentle facial massage to ourselves. (1)

It is known that during the aging process our muscles have the tendency to become tense and shorten. Facial exercises will help to release this tension and minimise existing skin wrinkles. As a result, our faces may also look younger and more relaxed. (1)

It has been shown that during the process of tensioning and relaxing our facial muscles, an increase in the nutrient flow to our facial tissues occurs. This nutrient flow can improve our skin’s natural ability to regenerate itself. This regeneration results in an increase of collagen and elastic fibres. As a result, our face starts to look fresher and healthier. (1)

Facial exercises require that we gently touch our face and neck with our fingers similarly to when we are massaging ourselves. This gentle massage helps to increase the lymphatic flow in our facial tissues. The lymphatic flow will help to tone our face and reduce any existing puffiness or sagginess. After the first lesson there will already be a minor improvement on our face appearance. Moreover, between 6 and up to 8 weeks of patience and practice, we will be able to notice major improvements to our face and neck. The longer the practice, the better the benefits and rewards. (1)

Facial exercises are simple and easy to follow. They take only 5 or 10 minutes of our daily time. More importantly, they are not rocket science. Some of the exercises have been created by medical surgeons, speech therapists, beauticians, and yoga teachers all around the world. In particular, in the UK, USA, Brazil, and France.

(1) Sandra is very grateful to Ms. Jaana Kulmala for her helpful website on History of Facial Exercises. Please note that Sandra has based her text on Jaana’s writing style and information. (**)

(**) Source: Kulmala, Jaana. “History of Facial Exercises”. Look-Younger-Naturally.com. Retrieved 19th August 2014.