How Do You Feel About Your Body?

Vanessa Westwell
Written by Vanessa Westwell

If I were to ask you to list ten things that you LOVE about your body right now, could you do that?

How about ten things you LIKE about your body?

So, what if I asked you to list ten things you DISLIKE about your body…? If you are like most people that’s much easier to do.

You may have more than ten things you dislike or even hate… You’ve got cellulite. Your skin is sagging. Your arms are developing bingo wings. Your laughter lines are spreading and deepening. You’ve got thread veins. Your eyesight is weak. You get breathless going up stairs. You always feel tired. Sleep isn’t great. You are constipated or have stress incontinence. (Or both). You have an underlying health condition that doesn’t seem to shift. Your back aches. Your knees ache. You’ve got bunions. And on, and on, and on.

It always seems so much easier to focus on what is NOT working than what IS working.

That’s why you need a Better Body Mindset.

What is a Better Body Mindset?

With a Better Body Mindset, you accept and love the body you have. You appreciate all of the amazing feelings and sensations your body allows you to experience every day of your life.

With a Better Body Mindset, you see your Body as a miracle of Nature, and you look after it with love and care.

You are aligned to Wellness. You allow laughter, joy and playfulness. You choose the best nourishment, and stay hydrated by drinking good quality water. You get out in the fresh air every day. You move your body. You get plenty of rest. You prioritise sleep.

It all sounds great, so what is stopping you?

That’s where I come in. I can help you to:

  1. Remove the blocks that are stopping you from being fit and healthy.
  2. Drop the excess weight that is slowing you down.
  3. Detox your body after a binge or illness.
  4. Remove your addictions to sugar or other unhealthy foods.
  5. Install new, positive beliefs and confidence.
  6. Enjoy exercise and start moving your body.
  7. Learn how to love your body, maybe for the first time.
  8. Re-frame how you see your body, and develop a better body mindset.

How does it work?

I use a combination of energy healing modalities, including The Emotion Code, The Body Code, The Belief Code, and The Alignment Code, along with Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT or Tapping). This is a powerful set of tools that help me to unlock the reasons why you’re having challenges with your body.

By using these tools, we can answer questions including:

  1. Why are you addicted to certain foods or drinks?
  2. Why do you avoid exercise?
  3. What exercise is best for you?
  4. Why have you been unable to reach and maintain a healthy weight for you?
  5. Whether you have any food allergies or intolerances which are causing digestive issues or bloating?
  6. If you are dehydrated?
  7. If you need to add minerals and vitamins to supplement your meals?
  8. What are the emotional reasons for your over-eating?
  9. How can we align you to your healthy energetic blueprint?
  10. How can we give permission for your body to access and utilise stored body fat?

And many more…

Using one-to-one sessions, and group sessions, over Skype or Zoom, I can help you to get free of the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual blocks to enjoying and loving your body. 

I am running a Better Body Mindset Programme from 3rd June 2024 to 12th July 2024. There are ten places. One of them could be yours…

To book your place, contact me today on

I am looking forward to meeting you.