How you choose to act will create your results

The key word here is ‘choose’ and it’s true in every area of life and business.

As with everything in life and business, we rarely experience magical jumps, or leaps of improvement or regression.  Instead things usually change progressively – we either spiral positively with things improving, or we spiral negatively where things regress and get worse.

The key is understanding that the direction we’re spiraling in any area of life of business is entirely up to us! 

Here’s a video from Chris Lambert-Gorwyn of Heart Centred Business to explain further and give you some suggestions for how to take control of your spiral. 

If you want to reverse the direction of your spiral, or further accelerate an already positive direction, reach out to the Heart Centred Business team on or +44 (0)333 987 4245 to book a complementary Business Growth Session now.

Main – Photo by Reid Zura on Unsplash