Leading with Confidence

Gemma Holgate
Written by Gemma Holgate

There are so many ways that being authentically confident can help you personally and professionally. In this article I have decided to concentrate on the leadership qualities that come from having a core sense of identity and an unshakeable belief in who you are.

Here are 4 key ways authentic confidence makes you a better leader:

1. You have the energy to show up the way you want to.

Authentically confident leaders can practice self-care and energy management. They can prioritise the key elements of self-care like nutrition, movement, sleep, and mental wellbeing. By doing this they can come to the workplace ready to give the best of themselves rather than what’s left of themselves.

Most of my clients work within the care sector from the NHS to the police to local authorities to care homes and are generally the kinds of people who do what they do to make a difference. When they’re able to practise self-care, they can be more present, clear, compassionate, and thoughtful with their staff and those they are trying to help.

2. You have the emotional intelligence to spot signs in yourself and others.

Authentically confident leaders are emotionally intelligent. They are aware of their own thoughts, feelings, and behaviours and how they impact those around them. By doing this in the workplace they can respond rather than react to situations, use healthy coping mechanisms, and model these behaviours to others.

Most of my clients are also often quite sensitive and empathic individuals, able to meet the needs of others. By growing their authentic confidence, they also grow their ability to have difficult conversations, to advocate for the wishes of their staff and clients, and to signpost to further support whilst keeping themselves safe.

3. You have the confidence to delegate and utilise individual strengths.

Authentically confident leaders provide personal and professional development for team members. They do this by investing in their staff and allowing them to learn, fail, and grow in a supported environment. By doing this in the workplace they create opportunities for staff to naturally progress and be an active member of the team.

Most of my clients can see huge potential in their staff and want to nurture that not only for the benefit of the individual but also for what they can bring to the organisation. When they can spot and utilise the unique strengths in the individuals in their care, they allow staff to shine, feel seen, and get recognised and rewarded appropriately.

4. You can be vulnerable and not be afraid.

Authentically confident leaders can share parts of who they are and are able to be vulnerable when necessary. This can help develop trust and strong healthy relationships. By doing this in the workplace they model a ‘come as you are’ or ‘bring your whole self to work’ attitude which can allow staff and teams to be more open and honest.

Most of my clients have come from the more traditional view of separation between leaders and staff and have been taught that vulnerability is a sign of weakness. However, the world of work is changing, and people are looking more and more for the kind of wellbeing-focused, compassionate approach that authentic confidence can help provide.

As part of my work, I offer group leadership training and 1-2-1 coaching for current or aspiring leaders who want to develop their authentic confidence. For more information, please contact Gemma on gemma@iamconnected.co.uk

Main photo by Alexander Suhorucov