There is more to life through Life Activation

Maine Thornton
Written by Maine Thornton

What is Life Activation?

Life Activation is a modality which helps us to realise the human potential which is found in our DNA. Through this process you can begin to awaken this blueprint in the human structure to facilitate change and transformation in our lives, thus becoming our best selves. From the moment we go through this experience we will feel revitalised.

How Long Has Life Activation Been Around?

The Life Activation has an extensive track record dating back over 3,000 years ago to the time of King Salomon and has been unchanged over time. It comes from a long lineage of sages who have proven this modality in cultures and traditions from across the globe.

This has not always been available to everyone because it sets off a process of transformation in people, that previously in the last few decades, many were not ready to embrace.

Seekers today have this feeling that there is more to life. They are now exploring and trying new possibilities. We are living in a time where the legacy of this sacred process is shared by Life Activation Practitioners from around the world. This can help us find ourselves and achieve our human potential.

How Does the Life Activation Work?

Life Activation takes place in a sacred space where a practitioner uses tools and protocols to awaken the unrealised human blueprint that is stored in the DNA. This process sparks a unique journey in our lives, moving us efficiently through a series of experiences that facilitate change and transformation.

The one-to-one session takes about 1.5 to 2 hours and is supportive and relaxing. You will feel like you have been for a day at the spa. This is such an empowering experience.

For individuals who are already on their life path, this can be quite powerful. And, for those who are seeking to find a life path this opens the potential to go beyond the 10% brain capacity we currently utilise. Whether you are achieving success or are struggling in life, it motivates people forwards in a constructive and positive way.

You may feel some disorder to start with, but then everything will begin to change, somewhat like a kaleidoscope transforming into a perfect pattern.

The Life Activation has been described as a “light shining into a dark corner making visible what has been hidden in the shadows” therefore giving you the ability to work through those issues you have.

Dr Kate Bartram Brown, Divina at the Modern Mystery School

As the DNA and parts of the blueprint starts to awaken, two things being to happen:

  1. Parts of us that are not operating at all, or are under-performing, start to wake up or expand.
  2. Our negative belief systems, emotions, and patterns of poor health that have been repeated, start to get cleared out.

The source of energy inside the DNA begins to light people up and shifts them into a positive and joy filled space. This modality therefore physically plugs humans into a greater consciousness and the Divinity within. This process dissolves blockages and makes it possible to progress, find our potential and discover what is possible in life.

How Can Life Activation Benefit You?

There are many benefits from this healing system in all areas of our lives, whether mentally, physically, or spiritually.

We can go from being anxious, stressed, and depressed, to experiencing more happiness in our lives.

Our immune system is strengthened, which helps us push through physical blocks, as well as emotional and mental ones. We may also have greater physical energy, mental alertness, and emotional stability.

We will feel filled with pure Light allowing us to spread love, hope, joy, and peace with all whom come into contact. This helps us create healthy relationships with others and connects us in positive and beneficial ways.

We may even be amazed that we start to experience greater abundance and success in many areas of our lives. Life may also appear to speed up.

The way in which we receive these benefits will often be surprising. Sometimes this may be overnight. Other times, we may look back and realise that these changes have slowly unfolded over a few years.

My Own Experience

Since a child I have been relatively spiritual. Then I grew up and became distracted by the twists and turns of life along the way. However, I felt lead towards a deeper and more meaningful path. I had done several courses in various health and healing modalities, including completing my Reiki Master training. Yet I knew there was more. It was in September 2022 last year that I had my own Life Activation.

What happened next actually surprised me. I felt that I had more energy and more clarity, even my health improved further which helped motivate me in many areas of my life. I also felt that I was able to take a deeper dive living a life of purpose and being of service to others. This led me to attend the Healers Academy in March 2023 earlier this year, through which I certified as a Life Activation Practitioner.

Who Offers Life Activation?

The Life Activation is offered by Certified Life Activation Practitioners worldwide. They re-certify annually with The Modern Mystery School to ensure that this time-honoured modality retains its integrity. You can find a registry of certified practitioners on their website: Certified Professional Life Activation Practitioners.

Main image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay