Liz Alexander
Written by Liz Alexander

If you are looking for a therapy to really knock your socks off and bring about the dramatic lifestyle changes you have been searching for, then look no further! ThetaHealing™ is a highly effective and powerful alternative to traditional counselling.

What is ThetaHealing™?

ThetaHealing™ is an extremely powerful emotional healing therapy, focused on breaking and releasing negative thought processes and attachments to traumatic events. It was founded by Vianna Stibal in 1995 and its name has been solely derived from the use of the Theta Brainwave cycle, a very deep and relaxed state our brain goes into before we fall asleep. This area of the brain houses all of our memories and belief systems from childhood to the present day. It is said to be where our subconscious resides.

Our subconscious, according to Neuroscience, “controls 95 per cent of our lives.” To quote the Leading Edge scientist, Dr Bruce Lipton, “Just like a single cell, the character of our lives is determined not by our genes but by our responses to the environmental signals.”

Our early childhood years are crucial to our wellbeing and development, how we perceive relationships and how we respond to social interactions. This is also a time where feelings of rejection, being abused or not performing so well at school, can have a profound impact on how we grow into adulthood. Each experience forms a layer in our subconscious, a very sensitive and deep area of our mind and as a result, we form a multitude of unhealthy and distorted belief patterns to traumatic events. The young mind is akin to a computer downloading various programs, which become imprints on our personality and behaviour.

This buildup of toxic emotions is stored in your body and mind which can become exacerbated furthermore, resulting in emotional problems such as depression, anxiety, stress and anger.

How does ThetaHealing™ work?

One-to-one sessions are conducted in a calm and supportive environment whereby the practitioner connects to your Theta brainwave by way of meditation. Because ThetaHealing™ is an energy healing modality, the client gives the practitioner permission to access their energy field and, by natural intuition, the memories are accessed through the subconscious. Rather than simply shifting blocked energy in the body, this therapy zones in on traumatic events that have been suppressed. You do not relive frightening experiences but rather identify the root cause of trauma and the distorted belief systems and emotional attachments you have held onto for so long. All that we observe and form opinions on, holds energy and therefore, the more intense and negative experiences you have had, the unhealthier the emotion attached. This, in turn, can manifest itself into physical ailments creating a general feeling of malaise or more serious illnesses.