Living an Abundantly Healthy Life

Catherine McLean
Written by Catherine McLean

Let me introduce myself

I am a Holistic Therapist and Lifestyle Coach / Mentor. I started my mentoring career over 20 years ago. I then went on to train as a Holistic Therapist and now have well over 10 years expertise in this area. I have had to overcome various health challenges in my own life, including a debilitating car accident. I’m happy to say that I am now stronger and healthier, due to my sheer persistence. I am passionate about natural health and wellness and enjoy encouraging and guiding others to gain optimum health and vitality.  As a Holistic Therapist I focus on the whole unique individual, including mind, body, and social factors. Each aspect of our lives plays a vital role in our health and well-being. This approach to healing and health has benefited me and many of my clients as it is not just treating the symptoms of the illness but rather taking into consideration the individual as a whole.

My qualifications are in Allergies & Intolerances, Iridology assessment, Herbalism, Healthy Lifestyle Mentoring and Weight Management.

I also have a varied and wide range of herbs and supplements available, where appropriate to your needs.

Who do I help?  I support men, women and children of all ages to gain renewed health and vitality. I am available for in person and online consultations. I have health programs that you can tap into where you will gain the one-to-one support you need to achieve renewed well-being.

Let’s start with the mind

Everything stems from our belief in ourselves. If we believe something, it will become a reality in our lives. Mindset is everything, it is important to protect our mental health. Start your day with at least one grateful thought, carry that with you throughout the day. Take time out twice a day, or at the very least once a day to meditate on what you want in your life, to re-focus your energy and thought process. Read positive and inspirational quotes and books. Watch programs and movies that inspire you. 

We all have negative news and situations in our lives, it’s important to focus on positive ways forward and not to dwell on the negativity. A positive attitude in any situation is key to our health, well-being and success. When you face a difficult situation how do you react to it?  Do you set about finding a clear and positive way through it? I encourage you to never dwell on anything negative, don’t talk negatively to yourself or anyone, instead find optimistic solutions and think and speak optimistically. You attract into your life what you think and speak about. Attract the abundant goodness that is available to you in life.

Surround yourself with positive people who encourage and support you. This may be linked to a hobby that you enjoy.

This is relevant for everyone, men, and women. Sadly, the statistics for suicide are higher in men. From a young age, boys are taught “boys don’t cry”. This induces unnecessary pressure to perform in a specific way. Feelings are essential for everyone. These need to be released and crying is an essential emotion, just as important as happiness and laughter. Self care is vitally important, don’t let anyone dictate how you should feel. Once, again I re-iterate be your own best friend, encourage yourself and never criticise yourself, rather find a positive way around every situation you face.

What do you do to care for yourself? How about enjoying walks in nature, deeply breathing in the fresh air is good, no matter what time of year. Nature has a positive and uplifting effect on us all.

Massage is another way you can pamper yourself. I know that this is popular for both sexes, as it is a great way to release tension and helps you to feel rejuvenated. Another idea is to enjoy a relaxing warm bath. Indulge yourself, enjoy some bubbles and maybe candlelight.  Whatever you do, take quality time for yourself, and enjoy that time.  Read an inspirational book and implement the good ideas that come to you in your life.

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