Moisturising the Natural Way

Holly Plackett
Written by Holly Plackett

Winter has arrived and with it (finally) a drop in the temperature. Now is the time we start putting our heating on and covering our bodies up to keep warm. If you’re anything like me then you’ll find that your skin becomes drier and more sensitive. I used to use commercial products such as E45 and I marveled at how well it moisturised my skin. Except it didn’t! After applying E45 my skin felt moisturised but each morning I had to apply more as my skin was so very dry. I now believe that E45 dried my skin out instead of moisturising it.

This is when I started looking into more natural methods to moisturise my skin. I came across the excellent website called Wellness Mama. Within her website she has a recipe for Lotion bars:


I used the following ingredients from the website to make a couple of bars:
1 cup of coconut oil
1 cup of Shea butter
1 cup of beeswax


The ingredients need to be melted and mixed together.
To do this you need a double boiler – sounds complicated but it isn’t. I used a thoroughly cleaned large jam jar sat in a pan of simmering water (about an inch). Beeswax takes much longer to melt so my suggestion would be to melt the beeswax first and then to avoid overheating the Shea butter (which can go granular if over heated) add the Shea  butter and coconut oil to the melted beeswax. Remove the mixture from the heat as soon as the coconut oil and Shea butter is melted. Carefully pour the mixture into a silicon muffin pan and leave it on the side to cool. Once cool pop the lotion bars out and wrap in grease-proof paper.

Some people add essential oils to their lotion bars but I prefer mine unscented.

When you want to use the lotion bars, you rub the bars on your skin and the warmth from your body will slightly melt the bar and allow you to rub the moisturiser into your skin.

The wonderful thing about this recipe is that my skin doesn’t need moisturising every day so it would seem that the oils keep my skin moisturised for several days.

I would recommend you all visit the Wellness Mama website and read her excellent homemade cosmetic recipes and perhaps try this recipe out. I would love to hear from you if you do and find out how you got on with the recipe I outlined.