Movement and Energy Matters

Lee Gosnay
Written by Lee Gosnay

In a time and world where our energies are pushed and pulled this direction and that, our energies matter more than ever. As the days pass by the world is becoming increasingly complex. The pace, intensity, polarisation and rhythms of life are harder to cope with as we try to live a life that’s as balanced and whole as possible, in ever-changing dynamics.  The landscape is constantly shifting and there is a lot to process, and not a lot of time or space to reflect and just be with ourselves. We have certain responsibilities, things to do, places to be, as well as many other possible distractions in our modern-day lives. All this can make us feel mentally stretched, not knowing how to be or where we’re at, it’s then we can lose our grounding, our perspective on life. Emotionally we can feel in a state of flux and physically we can feel sluggish, low on energy, and even fall into ill health.

“There is a lot to process and not a lot of time or space to reflect and just be with ourselves.”

Maintaining an equilibrium can feel like a never-ending challenge that we can struggle to attain. How do we do this? First we need to honour ourselves by becoming more aware of who we really are, how we want to be, and what we want to do, with discernment. Then we can feel empowered and more in tune with what we require, what is nourishing  for us, whilst also being  aware of what diminishes us. It’s an individual thing, what works for one person might not work for another though there are certain principles and ways for living that can really aid balance and that feeling of being centered. It’s finding your note, your beat, your rhythm and then working with all the aspects so you are in harmony with self.


To do this, being fully present is key. Are you fully in the present moment? This comes back to the push and pull aspect. For example, when you go into a meeting, is a part of you still in the previous meeting within your mind? Or do you stay stuck in the past and not let go of certain conversations, situations or events from days, months or even years ago. It’s the holding on to these stories that can drag our energies down and then require releasing. As for the future, do you constantly think and worry about it to a point where you’ve stepped, or even leaped too far forward that you’ve lost your sense of self?  All these things will always be a challenge and we do need to plan to a certain extent. It’s good to reflect, though not if it’s sending us too out of balance as then it’s not healthy for the mind, body, and spirit. The only true moment that we can affect and change is the present one, the one we are in right NOW and without judgement.

“Are you fully in the present moment?”

Energy Balancing

This is where mindfulness comes into movement, and energy too, for that matter, they both go hand in hand. Interestingly you need energy to move, and when you move you use energy. Energy changes from one form to another, it transfers. Scientifically energy is all around us and in all things. We feel energy, we’re aware of certain energies of people, buildings, nature, objects etc. We feel and sense what is beneficial for us through energy, or maybe what’s not healthy for us from energies around us. Intuitively we often make decisions based on this.

When using energy to move mindfully this then enables us to find our note, beat, rhythm that was mentioned earlier, you can then let go of the mind and be fully in the body. However, this is easier said than done, to allow yourself to surrender to the present moment and liberate the body to express oneself can be an obstacle that’s difficult to navigate. This is where mindful, meditative movement practices such as Qi Gong, Yoga, Somatics, and Tai Chi all come in. These practices have a focus on the breath as well as energy cultivation and union. Chi/Qi means vital energy or universal energy and in Yoga, Prana means life force and energy. The energy practice of Qi Gong means energy cultivation and is based on the Chinese Medicine System. Chi/Qi can help us to rebalance any excess or deficient energies within the body and energy field. Yoga likewise is based on a Chakra system and works in a similar way as it’s about balancing energies. Meanwhile Somatics is to have a body felt experience, a conscious connection to feeling the internal experience, to explore through the body, to reconnect, to find new ways to move, interact, perceive and be, through movement and breath.

“When using energy to move mindfully this then enables us to find our note, our beat, to let go of the mind and be fully in the body”.

Movement and Energy brings peace…

So, to summarise, mindful movement energy practices can really help you feel more embodied, more relaxed and aware of the present moment, the moment that truly matters. Also, to become further aware of your surroundings through our senses, internally and externally, as well as feeling connected with self, the planet and even our higher self (intuition). It’s then we can feel increasingly balanced and whole whilst reminding ourselves nothing is perfect and that’s ok. Everything is fluid, everything changes, so letting go of each moment is important for our awareness of self. It takes the emphasis of me/I so we live in the bigger picture of us, it gives you perspective. These movement and energy practices allow for nurture, compassion, and gratitude to take centre stage, therefore allowing the nervous system to balance itself. It’s then we can be the peace that’s already within us. It’s through mindful movement and energy practices we can quieten the noise and be at one, then we can see things as they truly are.