Oncology Massage

Oncology massage
oncology massage

Cancer. Yes I said Cancer, the big C! With cancer being very present in the UK and with more people living with cancer than in previous years, measures need to be taken to enable folk to live and carry on their lives around their treatment. I am not here to talk about every kind of cancer, or go through every kind of treatment. I am not here to tell you how it will go or diagnose you. I am not a doctor. I am here to talk about massage. Yes massage and more specifically Oncology Massage. 

Massage is for Everyone

Massage itself has many benefits and has become increasingly popular. Nowadays we have seen health and wellbeing benefits from massage and it is not so frowned upon by the older generation.  Benefits are not only for the athletic and sporting of us out there, benefits are for EVERYONE!  This means the young, the old, the rich, the poor, EVERYONE! There are many different types of massage out there and you need to get the right massage for your needs.

Oncology Massage

Oncology Massage

Oncology massage is done by trained therapists who have done extensive training to ensure they have knowledge about cancers and their treatments to be able to tailor their massage to the individual’s needs, and the compassion to be sensitive to people’s situations. Oncology massage is very gentle compared to other types of massage. It is very mindful that clients may have had operations and lymph nodes removed. Clients may or may not have scar tissue and each client will be assessed according to their condition to ensure the best possible benefits are received. Massage does not have to be hard for the client to gain the benefits. Blood circulation will be improved and the lymphatic system will be moved meaning any toxins will be expelled from the body. Trained oncology therapists will know to be sensitive and which areas are fine to massage and which are not.  This is important as with the delicate nature of some treatments and operations or the side effects the client wants to be sure that their therapist knows what they are doing. Aftercare is so important with cancer and certain operations or treatments can leave you with limited movement or instructions of things you should not do. Again this is individual to each person depending on their cancer, treatment and medications.

Fatigue is a massive factor for many going through cancer or cancer treatments. Chemotherapy and radiotherapy can be very tiring and drying on the body. Hair loss, nausea, muscle and joint fatigue and dry skin are just some of the side effects that can be experienced. This can also be a mental strain when your appearance changes as well as a physical strain. Oncology Massage aims to give the client comfort and nurture their tired muscles ease joint pain and of course the oils and waxes used are fantastic for the skin.

The power of touch is so very valuable and can feel very relaxing and comforting. Oncology Massage is nothing to fear, it is very gentle with soothing strokes and very comforting holds. Who would not love a wonderful relaxing massage tailored to their needs to give them improved comfort and ease physical pains. On top of this, massage is already known for its psychological and emotional benefits and improving serotonin levels, which promotes relaxation. Oncology Massage is ideal to enable anyone living with cancer to get some relief both mentally and physically and make living with cancer more comfortable.

Free groups in your local hospital

Oncology trained therapists can hold sessions at their clinics and/or be mobile. Sessions should not be more expensive than a normal massage session.

If you are unable to finance massage into your daily life look out for free groups. I myself volunteer in my local hospital in the chemotherapy suite, the cancer ward and also at another local breast cancer group which meets up monthly in the highlands to have a cup of tea, a chit chat and a free massage treatment. Many local communities will have their own wee groups and it’s always worth looking to see what’s on in your local or nearby areas. Don’t miss out and get the benefits of massage and socializing with others who have been through similar issues. You are not alone!