Personal Journeys

Here are some uplifting personal journeys our guest authors have shared with us. You may find inspiration from them to help you on your yoga journey.

My favourite article is that written by Karen which details her journey which started back in the 1970’s when practising yoga was “radical”. My Yoga Adventure so far…

Different types of yoga resonate with different people. Gabriella Ozi found that she needed to slow down and feel her yoga practise to benefit from her classes. In The Awakening of the Feeling Body you can learn how she came to understand this and how she incorporated this knowledge into her own yoga classes after she qualified as a Yoga teacher.

Kevin Mitchell went from excessively working out to discovering yoga and slowing right down before deciding to train as a yoga teacher.

Shams Abu-Tayeh had a terrible time with injuries when she started training more seriously and was advised by her Physio to attend yoga classes. After initially finding the poses, pace and stillness a challenge she began to see and feel the benefits. She believes If I can do it, anyone can, she means you!