Self Healing – Get out of the way

Equinox Healing

What does it mean to self heal? How does one go about it?

Whether you want to heal yourself or others it basically involves the same process, one of intention and feeling. At the end of this article there will be a simple exercise to show you how to interact with healing energies.

Healing is about getting yourself out of the way because essentially you are not the healer. You are the receiver of healing frequencies, interacting with these energies by reconnecting and tuning into, what Reiki practitioners would call universal life force energy or universal healing energy.

It is an interaction with an intelligence that goes far beyond human comprehension. This source energy or life force is one of light and information. Our only play in this universal role is to be an open channel to allow these healing frequencies to interact with ourselves and others with an inner knowing that this intelligent source will know where healing is needed beyond our human preconception, judgements and beliefs.

When it comes to healing think in terms of, less is more, by way of your own actions, in fact the simpler the better. You’re not here to diagnose yourself or others, to want a certain outcome or response to happen. Remember these healing frequencies originate from a far more intelligent source than our human egos can even dream of.

I have had illnesses and injuries in the past where I tried to control and manipulate a desired outcome from my limited human perspective. When what was really needed was for me to get out of the way, connect with the source and allow the healing to happen in its own way.

It is this intention that is important, to know that once you connect you will receive healing but this is so often hard to accept because we may not see the desired results that one may expect.

A lot of people have the expectation of having a physical healing when they interact with source energy but what most people tend to forget is that we are multilayered dimensional beings and on a deeper level we are connected to the source on a soul level.

There is so much more to us than just a physical human body. Often disease begins on an energy body level, for instance in the etheric, emotional, or mental. So it makes sense this is where you will initially receive a healing. This is sometimes hard to accept because unless you are sensitive to energies or spiritually aware, which we all can be, you can feel disappointed after a healing session.