Something’s Changing in Brighton’s Yoga Scene

Lick Yoga
Written by Lick Yoga

Lick’s ‘pay what you can yoga’ offers teachers and students an affordable and interesting alternative to the norm.

Lick is a Brighton based frozen yogurt brand who sell their tubs of froyo all over the UK. Six months ago they moved into a large industrial warehouse space. The first thing Lick did in the warehouse was to arrange for their friend and qualified yoga teacher Dionne to come in and teach yoga to Lick’s four members of staff twice a week. The offer of free yoga spread out to some neighbouring warehouse spaces, and soon the practice was open to the public in return for a small donation. Thus, Lick ‘pay what you can’ yoga was born.

Lick and Dionne also put on Yoga Disco’s at the warehouse, a concept new to the UK that combines vinyasa yoga sequences, live DJ, curated soundtrack, partner yoga, disco lights, mocktails and free dance.

Dionne´s yoga journey began 11 years ago and since she’s been experimenting with a plethora of yoga styles, classes, workshops and home practice. Born from her difficulty to afford regular yoga classes in her early student days, she became firmly ignited in her ethos: to make yoga accessible for all. Find out more about Dionne and her approach to yoga here.

The Lick Yoga Facebook page now has over 500 followers, which explains why the 25 capacity class sometimes has queues of people outside all trying to grab a space. The huge success of Lick Yoga means it might be launched in London, as long as a suitable venue can be found.

The Lick Yoga business model is simple and effective. Lick donate their space to Dionne for free, which means the ‘pay what you can’ income from classes is still respectable. Lick staff get free yoga, which improves productivity and happiness in the workplace. The unusual setting for a yoga class also offers students a change from the usual context.