Lick Yoghurt
Written by Lick Yoghurt

The only 100% yoghurt fro-yo in the World
The only 100% fat free fro-yo available in retail

Lick was started by two friends whilst still at school. Ky Wright and Owain Williams, pictured, sold their home-made fro-yo from a trike in Tenby, Wales during summer holidays. They expanded to two trikes in year 2, then a beach in year three. Finally they had saved enough money to open the UK’s first ever frozen yogurt store. ‘Lick’ in Brighton’s famous North Laines, opened in 2008.

During their time in the shop, Ky and Owain developed a take-home product which could be sold around the country, and it wasn’t long until dozens of Brighton retailers were selling out and demanding more. Lick had to move production from the factory under the shop to a dairy, and now Lick could supply bigger stockists such as Wholefoods, Ocado, Picturehouse Cinemas, COOK, LEON… and finally Sainsbury’s. The boys had to close the shop in 2013, to concentrate on Lick tubs, which were now on sale in over 500 Sainsbury’s, and hundreds of other places.

Ky and Owain are the leading experts on frozen yogurt in the UK, and Lick is the only frozen yogurt in the world which is 100% yogurt. Read about the science behind Lick here