Sports Massage and Medical Acupuncture

Trilby Morgan
Written by Trilby Morgan

A Wellness Treatment for All

Why did I enter wellness as a career?

This is something I am often asked by those considering the same career path, as well as clients. 

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I think like most practitioners, I became a sports massage therapist and medical acupuncturist because of a love of helping people; of seeing results. The most rewarding cases are often the trickiest – the ones that have been battling a chronic issue or those that have had little success following other, conventional medical methods of treatment. Many times, this is a result of treating the presented issue and not the root cause. This is why an integrated approach, looking at ways in which to tackle the presented problem from multiple aspects is important. It may involve multiple practitioners (a Physiotherapist, Sports Massage therapist, Personal Trainer…etc) working together to get the best possible outcome. Ideally, everyone would be on some form of maintenance program, one that allows for a massage and/or acupuncture treatment at least once a month for the average person, and more frequently for those that subject their bodies to greater pressures (whether that be in sport, or in day-to-day life). Some of the worst adhesions that I´ve been tasked with reducing, have been in deskbound office workers who play no sport at all!  

Wellness treatments, such as Sports Massage and Acupuncture truly are for everyone!

The title of Sports Massage can be misleading, but at its core, it´s all about correcting dysfunction, which sadly is an unavoidable part of our high stress, modern lifestyles. Stress is such a major factor in creating tension, particularly in the muscle groups of the shoulders and back, meaning that posture and comfort is so frequently compromised. Sports Massage can be applied at varying pressures, so those that need a relaxing massage as well as those looking to correct the worst dysfunctions can all be catered for. Nothing is better than being able to help a client reduce their pain and increase their range of motion; to live life in a way that they want to.  

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