The positive benefits of Decluttering

Terri O Callaghan
Written by Terri O Callaghan

Discover the many positive benefits of decluttering to feel happier and healthier

Clutter can weigh on our mind and make us feel overwhelmed, anxious, guilty, sentimental  or embarrassed. 

Many people want to transform their life, home, office or wardrobe but sadly, can’t see beyond the overwhelm of clutter. They don’t know where to start in terms of decluttering or organising their home and sadly for many, they can’t imagine their life being clutter-free.  They find it hard to get motivated, focussed or enthusiastic with decluttering or organising and don’t realise the many positive benefits of decluttering – it can make us feel happier, healthier and more relaxed.    

I help those whose surplus stuff has clogged up their home and headspace.  It’s focussed on your physical decluttering, organising and the ability to let it go. I empower individuals with the invaluable life skills and knowledge of decluttering and to transform your home and wardrobe in an effective and enjoyable way. Many have a home or wardrobe that no longer serves them and need direction with their home style or personal signature style. They are feeling overwhelmed with the number of items in their wardrobe or in piles around their bedroom or home which for some, is causing anxiety and interfering with their ability to sleep or switch off. 

Many have numerous sentimental items that they have no room for, don’t want or don’t even like. They may have been handed down from a loved one that is no longer with us and some items, rooms or a deceased loved one’s home almost becomes a shrine to this person.  People feel so overwhelmed by feelings of guilt at the very thought of clearing out these items that they can, at times, remain untouched for years. 

To work as a Declutter Consultant you need a number of skillsets, including  an understanding of the many unhelpful myths around decluttering that are keeping many of us stuck in our clutter. Patience, empathy and ability to connect with people’s common decluttering emotions, such as sadness, shame, sentimentality, overwhelm, guilt and impatience. And an ability to motivate and inspire others to declutter and organise in a way that transforms their lives on all levels beyond their home, wardrobe and office including wellbeing, relationships, personal style and self-image. 

I set up my own consultancy to follow my passion in motivating and inspiring others so they can truly see the power of decluttering and letting go and that yes, they CAN do this.  I thrive on helping others discover its many positive benefits. I enjoy sharing the knowledge and confidence of decluttering and organising their home in a thorough and enjoyable way while also creating a home that’s meaningful, enjoyable and relaxing to them.  I experienced my own challenges with decluttering over the years and can fully appreciate people’s frustrations and anxieties when it comes to decluttering and organising. 

If this resonates with you, please feel free to contact me.