Who took your dreams away?

Rebecca Michelle
Written by Rebecca Michelle

Whether you know it or not, or even care to admit it, we all have dreams to materialise or fulfill in this lifetime. 

And when I say dreams, I don’t mean to be a millionaire or to be world famous (although that could be a result of you following your dreams). 

What I mean is that we want to live an honest life that connects us with a bigger purpose and gives our life meaning. 

We all want to do work that:

  • allows the experience of joy and connection to our authenticity
  • allows us to discover parts of ourselves we never knew about, where we can grow 
  • helps someone else or at least makes this world a better place

But how do we do that? My personal thoughts on that include:

  • First, know that you matter and are here to connect to yourself in a way that allows you to live out your purpose – are you connected?
    Because when you are, a broader scope of possibilities opens up where things happen synchronistically and joy spreads like wildfire. (Little tip – practicing meditation is an excellent tool to connect to yourself.) 
  • Second, know that you have things you’re naturally good at and just come easy to you. But if you stay doing those things forever, you’ll suffer and it’s a disservice to yourself and humanity.
  • Which brings me to the third point, know that you have interests, skills or talents to discover, grow into and refine to a point of mastery.
    This is where your dreams come ALIVE. If you don’t explore those passions or deeper desires, you’re missing out on the life you’re meant to be growing into, the life of exploration that is your DREAMS, the life that will give you meaning and purpose and surprise you all the time. 

I think we all know no one can take our dreams away from us. They belong to us, and only we can do that to ourselves. 

The bigger question is, are you allowing yourself to live the life of your dreams? 

Are you having challenges connecting to your authentic self or going after the life you really desire?

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Main photo by carolyn christine on Unsplash