What is Chakradance?

Agnieszka Bialek
Written by Agnieszka Bialek

Chakradance – healing through spontaneous movement

A broken heart can be hard to heal; because it is often not just your heart that got hurt. Your body keeps record of all the negativity and disappointments in your life and reminds you about that when you are in pain, dealing with health issues – some minor, some possibly more serious – that seem to multiply any time things go wrong. You want to get over it, and get back on your feet and enjoy your precious life – but your mind is fixated on your mistakes, your ex’s lack of support or interest in you, the choices in the past that you regret, and how much it all has destroyed you. You meditate, you write down affirmations, you journal, you do EFT (tapping), read inspiring books and cry a lot of what should be cleansing tears, but even though you are peeling off layers of sadness and depression, it seems like you are still floating in the same dirty little pond that you fell into a good while ago. If you can relate to this, my guess is that you have been there, too.

For me, this happened after a break-up and a career-related breakdown that made the old me fall apart. The question was then, how to rebuild myself and my life in a new, much better way?

I have tried multiple methods, and they all helped me to some extent honour my feelings, address them, and even use some of them as fuel for doing something good for myself – like working out whenever I was feeling blue. However, a year went by and even though I could deal with my emotions much better and was more empowered and stronger, I still felt like I was trapped in the same dirty little pond of sadness, disappointment, and depressive thoughts. Afloat, but still there…

The shift that I was hoping for came in an incredibly powerful yet gentle way when I started dancing spontaneously. Firstly, I just blasted “Shake it off” by Taylor Swift through my headphones, and spent about an hour jumping up and down, shaking out my arms and legs… The relief and lightness I could feel afterwards were so liberating that I repeated this wild dance in the following days whenever I felt angry or sad, adding some other songs. Then I signed up for an e-course in Chakradance™. I was drawn to it in a way that I could not explain, but I knew that spontaneous dance was the most freeing of all the therapeutic methods I had used, so I simply had to try it. And this is when the magic started to happen.