Our Happy Point

Dean Fraser
Written by Dean Fraser

“Love can be a verb and a noun, and sometimes an abstract noun” so much for the dictionary description…

Love is quite simply the most powerful creative force, self-healing energy and gift to wellbeing that exists!

Whatever achievements we wish to accomplish, if they are worthy of our precious time and energy, deserve to be invested with a large healthy dose of love. Love for what we are doing turbo-charges the transformational energy permeating right throughout our reality, ensuring any desired changes are massively more likely to manifest. 

Love invested in our actions means we are absolutely trusting in what we are doing. Here is something which we are showing to ourselves and the universe truly matters! We are making a resolute commitment to see this all the way through to its conclusion for the long-term awesomeness it brings into our life…

Self-Love Exercise


The following exercise will begin the flowering of self-love within your heart. Please be sure to read through all the steps before starting the exercise:

  1. To plant the smallest acorn of self-love to grow into your inner oak tree of certainty, you need to find somewhere you will not be disturbed for the next twenty minutes. Sit in a relaxing chair or lay down if that feels more comfortable, as you start to concentrate all your attention solely on your breathing. Observe how your body feels, is there any tension anywhere? Gently move your shoulders or any other tense area of your body to release that tightness, as you continue to centre attention completely on your breathing.
  2. You are going on an inner journey deep into your essence to discover your Happy Point.
  3. Gently ponder all the many facets making up your uniqueness as the person you are. Relaxing into the sensation, choose to focus on one part of who you are which you feel happy with. And it doesn’t matter how small or seemingly unimportant this single facet may appear to be. One brilliant fraction of all that makes up the whole of you, which works so well for you and always makes you feel at ease within and happy. One selected piece of the myriad of you which sits so beautifully with you that you would never wish to change it in any way.
  4. Enjoy the warmth of the emotion as you concentrate all your attention entirely on how this wonderful part of you makes you feel when you think to feel deeply about it. Spend at least five minutes keeping the thought, the feeling, central to your feelings.
  5. Next, you need to apply a colour to that feeling. It does not matter what colour that might be, one which just seems right to your intuition is the perfect choice. This wonderful feeling now imaged together with your Happy Point colour of choice…spend some time strongly visioning this colour as you bask in the warmth of the feeling.
  6. Let’s see how you can bring that warm feeling into other parts of your life and begin to transform through love. I mean wouldn’t it be amazing to feel this fabulous across the entire spectrum of the rainbow of you? Let’s make this happen…
  7. Still focussing deeply on the amazing feelings associated with this part of you that feels wonderful, now seen together with the colour this feeling is associated with…slowly begin to re-align your attention to instead think about some other aspect of yourself that you sense needs some definite work. This can be something you dislike in your own reactions to situations or an habitual pattern of thinking you empathically know has outlived its time.
  8. It is important here to only concentrate on the one area you sense needs work for this session.
  9. As you ponder how all the emotions associated with this more challenging part of you makes you feel, gradually overlay this feeling with the colour you associated with those beautiful, warm feelings you experienced a few moments ago. All you can now see in your mind is your Happy Point colour. Feel this! You deserve to really feel this!!!
  10. You can return to your normal waking state when you sense you have done enough for this session.

What is happening here is the start of an inner transformational process. You are self-healing to welcome self-love into your life. Re-programming old issues through healing them once and for all. And feeling far more comfortable in your own skin and accepting of who you are.

We all have choices on which paths to take in life, we are constantly presented with potential directions we can take. And now you possess your own personal map to self-love, take the time to follow it.

We are all perfect at being ourselves, we just need reminding how. Then our higher-self, and through this our connection to source, grows stronger through every day of our life.

Any time we find ourselves facing a challenging situation or tackling a potentially toxic person, if we recall and stay focussed on the colour associated with our Happy Point, we bring love into the situation. And nothing is more empowering than love!

You might even like to reinforce this process further by wearing or keeping the colour you associate with your Happy Point around your immediate environment.

The more you practice this the easier it gets, and a natural part of the process is you experience the beginning of a transformed approach and outlook to life unfolding for you.

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