Why it’s so hard to reach our fitness goals even when we know what to do!

Healthy living
Victoria Adams
Written by Victoria Adams

Eat less, move more.
More sleep, less stress.
More vegetables, less junk food.

We know this. More this, less that, more overwhelm. In a world of more conflicting information, overpowering information, more channels to receive that information, and not enough time to take it all in, where is there the time to take action on any of it?

Over the last 18 years as a Nutritionist (anyone can legally call themselves a nutritionist by the way) and 5 years as a Health Coach I am still meeting people who have been held back from reaching their goals because they genuinely do not understand the black and white of fat loss or, more importantly, living healthily. This is because they are misled by misguided and overwhelming information. For years I have been working, studying and living passionately and tirelessly to understand how my body works, what works for my body and why. I share this with my clients so that they can finally create realistic changes in their own bodies and minds and start seeing results.

Generic nutrition plans don’t always work

There are plenty of body plans and guides available online for free – in theory with so much free information more people should find it easy to reach their fitness goals. So what gets in the way of them following this golden information that is effectively handed to us on a plate? Social events, work commitments, lack of willpower and overbearing willpower that keeps us tucking into the mince pies at Christmas, the birthday donuts in the office, and the “one dessert won’t hurt” occasionally at dinner. There are so many non-negotiables, unavoidables and things that we want to enjoy in life that, in that moment, seem more important than losing weight or being healthier. The problem is these events happen more often than we realise and so quickly that we often forget. What remains? The niggling reminder that we still haven’t reached our health goals, particularly when it comes to weight or fat loss.

An alternative approach

healthy living

The two main reasons that I see fast and long-lasting results in my clients are: accountability and, quite frankly, that I am realistic about the fact that there are some things in life that we cannot avoid, and would never want to avoid (lemon drizzle cake, for example). I work with social events and cravings rather than against them, and use nutritional planning and sometimes fitness programmes so that clients can reach their goals without having to press pause on the real life button.

What kind of results do I see?

  • Weight loss (specifically fat loss)
  • Improvements in cardiovascular health
  • Happier, more confidence and more positive about life and fitness in general
  • Comments from friends!
  • Improvements in skin tone and complexion (I teach facial exercise to assist with this)
  • Better sense of control over life choices and how to reach goals (even those that seem unreachable)

As a Nutritionist and Health Coach, it’s my job to help people live healthier and feel better. There’s no point in trying to be super healthy if it makes you super unhappy. I help people find happy and healthy.

If you’d like to work with me to reach your health and fitness goals with food therapy, yoga or health coaching, you can find me on Instagram at @victoriaadams or www.victoriaadams.co.uk