Women’s Circles

Gabriella Ozi
Written by Gabriella Ozi

A nurturing space to recharge our body, mind, heart&soul, a gentle space to rest our restless soul.

I had a beautiful vision of a green field where the wildflowers are starting to pop open one by one becoming a gorgeous rainbow colour field of blossoming beauty. I trust that one day this vision will be all Women together, in their precious togetherness. Once we all start to open, we will create this blessed wildflower field together radiating our beauty from the inside out as far as possible to make a difference for ourselves, for our children and for everyone around us.♡

My name is Gabriella Ozi, yoga teacher/therapist, healer and facilitator/guide of Women’s Circles. At my workshops I create a harmonious and compassionate space, where we deepen our understanding of how to nurture, appreciate and accept ourselves fully and lovingly. We Women are precious and when we come together in our Circles, we are here to remember that we are precious and we are here to offer each other support along the way.♡
In our Women’s Circles you will meet Women who are ready to share a supportive, kind, comforting and loving space with you where you can deeply connect within and with each other. The space where you are truly being seen, understood and accepted. The space where you can recognise your gifts. The space which supports you to live a more balanced, creative and empowered life.♡

What happens in a Women’s Circle

Women's CircleIn our Women’s Circles we honour and celebrate our Womanhood through gentle practices of “The Dance of Yoga” including a variety of Breathing exercises, Sacred Mudras, Gentle flowing movements, Affirmation, Visualization, Sounding, Deep Relaxation and more. We close our sessions with a Healing Sound bath with Alchemy Crystal Singing bowls and Gabriella’s comforting singing voice.♡


I believe our feelings have a lot to teach to us and I trust that feeling our body when we move and do our yoga is the best and safest guide for us ever.  I am here to support Women to find their inner voice and encourage them to start listening to it. There is so much noise in the world that is telling or suggesting us to do this and to do that and we get confused sometimes. Especially when we want to do our best and when we want to care for our children in the most perfect way possible. I am here to support Women to find harmony in themselves and with others. I am here to guide Women as they are starting to gently awaken their inner voice and claim their power again. I am here to support Women who are ready to open up like a beautiful flower to shine in their own beauty.
I always teach respecting the needs of the individuals, the group and the moment. Previous yoga experience is helpful but there is no need to be a yoga practitioner to join our Circle. I introduce these gentle  practices we do in the most grounded way. All you need is openness and the desire to nurture yourself and gain a deeper understanding of how to care for yourself whenever you need. We can only truly be there for others when we are there for ourselves.
I know how easy it is to feel disconnected at times, when the pressure of the outside world makes us feel disempowered. All we need is courage and openness to turn it all around. Have you ever felt the pressure of “trying to be perfect?”. Let me open up to you and share with you my journey about perfection. ♡ ♡ ♡

Perfect Imperfection

I am not perfect and as I have been sailing through my journey sometimes through smooth waves, sometimes the roughest ones, I have learnt to accept that. One of the most important thing that I have realised is “I don’t need to be perfect at all!”, as I am perfect in my own perfect imperfections.

What is perfect anyway? Who invented ‘perfect’ in the first place? I feel like it is a term that comes from outside rather than inside. Perhaps the way we grew up, the way we sense the external pressures, the way the outside world is suggesting what we need to do and who we need to be makes us want to learn and master what ‘perfect’ is. Then slowly the outside pressure becomes an internal pressure and we start thinking: “I need to do this, I need to do that to feel ok, to fit in, perhaps to be perfect”. After a while it feels so familiar that we don’t even see it, we don’t even want to acknowledge it, so the internal pressure stays.

I have been through the internal pressure of “trying to be perfect” a lot. I have been anxious and worried and made myself feel bad whenever I didn’t feel, look or behave at my best. And then slowly I have learnt on the way.

I have learnt that it is ok, being and living my authentic self all the time, the best I can do to feel good. By not pushing down or away when I didn’t feel at my best, by giving myself permission not to feel good, by offering myself compassion when i am not feeling at my best, was the greatest support I could give myself. In this way these ‘not feeling good moments’ disappeared in a flash, as all I needed to do was acknowledge them and give myself an imaginary hug saying: “it is ok, what can I do for you to feel good?”

All the ups and downs are part of life and if we learn to accept that, they will be part of our lives but won’t dominate us. By not pushing those moments away, by accepting them we might be able to reveal something about ourselves that was hidden, something that wants to be acknowledged and heard. Most cases it might be just trying to ask us: Woman, go and do something for yourself. Have a walk, have a bath or a little moment of lying down and connect with your breath or just have a loud sigh or stick out your tongue and release some tension with a lion breath. Sometimes it might be something deeper if it has been sitting there for a while ignored and lonely in us.

Whichever is the case, our body wants us to listen and when we do, we have taken the first steps to start feeling better either in the moment or in the long run. ♡

Beautiful Women, I invite you on this inner journey of nurturing, self-care, self-discovery and empowerment. Hold my hand and follow.♡

From my heart to yours, Gabriella