Work with your mind to achieve your goals

Written by Rebecca@Ffidence

Have you ever noticed that your mind was working against you and stopped you from achieving what you wanted? Whether it is achieving your ideal weight, trying new things but cancelling them last minute or trying to start a new habit or regime but going back to your old ways?

We often work against our own mind because we have never been shown a different way, a way to achieve what we set out to do and unleash our potential.

One way to work with your mind is to go into your subconscious to find out what is blocking you and to change the background thoughts that run and rule your mind. You can experience and change your subconscious thoughts with the phenomenal Rapid Transformational Therapy, which was developed by Marisa Peer. This type of therapy has many benefits as it uses the rules of your mind and several different aspects of other types of therapies to help you achieve your goals and to move over and past events and beliefs that were holding you back.

Logic vs Emotion

Have you ever tried to go on a diet and within a day you are craving something you said to yourself you wouldn’t eat? Your mind is drawing you to everything you are avoiding, and you end up talking yourself into eating it. One powerful rule of the mind is you can’t overpower emotion with logic.

Logic is eating healthy food, but emotion is the why and the what that compels you to eat everything you decided to avoid.  This emotion is what causes you to not succeed in achieving your goals or to not maintain your ideal way of living.

Using Rapid Transformational Therapy, we can uncover the underlying reasons of your emotional and psychological habits to then change them and install a new mindset.

What’s your goal?

There is a wide variety of goals and limiting beliefs Rapid Transformational Therapy can support with including but not limited to: emotional, fitness, lifestyle, education, business, and personal development goals.

The most powerful difference with Rapid Transformational Therapy, compared with other traditional support, includes the use of guiding your mind to show you the reasons of why you have a block, what has caused it and why you have still got it. With this information we can change the coding of your mind and create a new life changing and positive belief.