Tides of Truth

Medicine with Words

Tides of Truth

I grew up in a house full of secrets. I remember everyone whispering behind closed doors. I was a secret, my father didn’t know I existed, my mother’s doctor told her she shouldn’t have me because she wasn’t married, and my grandparents didn’t learn about the pregnancy until it could no longer be hidden.

Family secrets are normal, it just depends on their level of seriousness.

But are these truths belonging to other people for us to share and tell? Is it more exciting to share other people’s secrets rather than our own? My secrets have gotten me into trouble, the worse secrets being the ones I hid from myself. I was not prepared to face my own truth. Harsh truths that are not easy to accept. I have excuses, the reason I choose not to eat sometimes is because I’m not hungry, I flirted constantly because It made me feel good. They are all excuses. Are they the truth? No. I don’t eat because that’s when I feel I have control when things get tough, I flirted constantly because I couldn’t find attention elsewhere. The truth is about finding the deeper meaning. It’s not about dwelling on the past, it is about accepting responsibility for our actions. It’s not always about including other people in those truths, but if we can’t be truthful with ourselves, then we can’t take that next step and move on.

Live Your Truth!

Try and find some clarity in your thoughts by working out what makes you tick.
Redundancy, what becomes redundant when you find your truth?
Understand that truth-telling can disrupt the status quo of your current life, so be prepared for changes.
Talk to yourself when making decisions and keep talking to yourself. It’s ok to continually grow and change to find your truth.
Honesty is paramount, honesty with yourself.

Root of the Problem

Write a problem in the leaves of the tree and then write what might have caused that problem in the roots. Sometimes we have more than one problem, so feel free to make another tree in a separate journal. Use this exercise to identify what you need to work on.