Pen to Paper

Medicine with Words

Pen to Paper

“You are terrible at writing and will never be a writer”

These were the words from my ex-husband. You might think that’s a terrible thing to say. However, I agree with him. I never attended a university lecture fully, instead, I wanted to be out working, and creating, and earning. So, he wrote most of my essays. I can’t believe I actually passed my degree.

But I love to write, I love to draw, I love to create.

Does not being any good stop me from being a writer? No, it doesn’t. I always carry a lineless journal and pen. I have random thoughts all the time, anecdotes, and pieces of trivial information that inspire me. I created a children’s book aged 19, I paid to have it printed, the CD with me reading the stories and a company to create the jingle. I believed in it, unfortunately, it was at a time when kids were beginning to use technology instead of books. However, it was the starting point for me to tell stories and write. I haven’t stopped since then. There is no one way to be a writer. Lo and behold 20 years later, I am now reworking those storybooks and getting them published next year. Don’t think pen to paper just means being a fiction writer on New York Times best-seller list, it means whatever it means to you.

Let’s Unplug!

Understand this might be hard to start with. Spend a day looking at how you normally use technology, start with the computer or TV.
No phone areas. Create a space where you choose not to have phones.
Periodic breaks from technology. Work up to one day a week.
Lock away your devices if you’re not able to leave them alone.
Use technology only in a positive way.
Give yourself time to get used to this new behaviour. You might find changes in your mood.

Silver Lining

Write a “What would happen if…” question in the cloud and then write the silver lining of the situation around the cloud.