Cabinet Cleanse

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Cabinet Cleanse

I don’t consider myself to be any busier than anyone else, I am a single mum with lots to do and worry and think about. I’m not the only one that feels this.

As humans we consider past, present, and future situations, we are often several steps ahead of the game if we have lots to think about.

I got out of the car the other day having driven my daughter to an event. She wanted the music on in the car, I explained that I wanted quiet in case I remembered something I needed to talk to her about. Not abnormal you might think, but it was what I said as I left the car, locking it (several times to check it had actually locked) I turned to the outside and said “Ssshhhh!” My daughter stopped and looked at me and proceeded to say “I didn’t say anything.” I turned towards her and responded “Not you, the voices in my head.” My daughter tells me that sometimes the voices in my head are so loud, even she can hear them. I realised I needed to find a way to sort, clear, and quieten down the voices. Sometimes, they all speak at the same time. Before I could even say shhh and have any effect, I had to sort them into categories. Family, friends, travel, and work. Then I could visit each area and work through those, clearing things bit by bit. Sometimes certain voices are still louder than others, so I use my exercises to find clarity.

Do a Check-in!

Calculate how you’re feeling at the beginning of the day, and how you want to feel at the end of the day
Have a break. Stop and have a cup of tea, read something, or just close your eyes
Examine how busy your day is, and if it’s realistic to get everything done
Check-in with yourself all day long, not just once
Keep yourself hydrated and eat the right foods to keep your energy going
Internal health is just as important as external health. How is your mental health doing today?
Now is what you focus on. Ensure you are happy with your current state.

What’s your cabinet called?

Label the filing cabinets that fill out your mind. Being a mom, career, travel, etc. You can have as many as you want. Draw what they look like. Are they messy, neat, broken, or patched up? These are the umbrella categories.