Cancer and Colour Therapy

Written by Marilyn

My Journey in dealing with cancer and how I have changed my life with colour therapy.
I am sure there is no one that has not been touched by Cancer through family, friends or themselves.

My Journey with Cancer

The purpose of me writing is to introduce people to the holistic/complementary route working along side the conventional route.

I felt that it was time for me to share my Journey with other people as it might help in some way to know there is additional support out there for us all.

My name is Marilyn, I am 62 years old and back in August 2007 I had a diagnosis that changed my life completely.

I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer…..

It was recommended by the consultant to have a lumpectomy and to take out some lymph nodes with a view to radiotherapy.

As you can imagine this was said to me almost in one sentence and to be told this news your mind immediately becomes a blur.

At the time I had my 17 year old son present with me and he was holding the hands of the MacMillan nurse with tears rolling down his face. I was in a daze; fearful and felt my life was coming to an end and just wanted to make it all ‘go away’.

Something inside me was telling me to take a deep breath and ‘Hold Fire’ in answering the consultant as I needed time to think.  My brain was a mish mash.

I discussed this with the Consultant and he agreed and gave me 3 weeks to come back to him with a decision as to whether I was to have the lumpectomy and radiotherapy.

Previously to my diagnosis … my mum in 2006 had a mastectomy and in 1997 my sister died at the age of 37 with colon cancer.  You can understand how fearful I was.

By the way, my mum who is now 85 years young is still going strong and so is my father who is now 86 years young.  We are made of strong ‘stuff’.

Now from the diagnosis this is where my life completely changed for the better…..

I came out of the hospital with my son Owen and said I wanted to look at alternative ways of dealing with my ‘DIS-EASE’.


This gave me such a boost and I knew I could do it!!