Chakra Dancing

Julie Showering
Written by Julie Showering

Dancing Thru the Chakras

We all experience energy blocks in the body, causing us to suffer from fatigue, low energy levels, anxiety, lack of confidence, or simply the pressures of everyday life.  Imagine allowing your body to simply release it and let it go.

Chakra Dancing isn’t your normal type of exercise class; it’s a dance therapy, a spiritual journey of transformation for your mind, body and soul.

I first discovered Chakra Dancing in 2007 at Bill Harrison’s Healing Weekend in Somerset.  A friend I’d met wanted to go to the workshop so I went along to keep her company.

I’d never been captivated by anything or anyone before in my life, but this woman on stage had such a presence that before I knew it, Lizzie Clifford, the founder of Chakra Dancing, had me dancing, spinning, shimmying and chanting my way through the next 45 minutes.  I was hooked and I wanted to know more about this amazing and spiritual form of exercise.

I started training as a Chakra Dancing Teacher in 2008 with Lizzie.  The course was part-time and I spent many happy weeks and weekends in Brighton training with Lizzie.  My training also included supporting Lizzie On-Stage at various high profile MBS Shows and even leading a demo myself.  I qualified in 2009 and I am delighted to be able to bring this wonderful spiritual workout for mind, body and soul to the people in North Bristol.

If you’re not sure what chakras are, they are spinning wheels of energy located all over your body.  We have thousands of them but the seven main chakras are located along our spine from its base to just above the head.

Each chakra is represented by a different colour of the rainbow and is associated with a particular part of the body.  Chakra’s also have a different vibration; from the root which has a heavy deep base vibration, to the crown which has a light angelic vibration.

With a different piece of music relating to each of the 7 main chakra centres, this dance therapy will help you to release any blockages and leave you feeling energised and yet completely balanced within, improving your health and wellbeing – physically, mentally and emotionally.

Through spontaneous free-form dancing, guided by an instructor, we can free up our natural energy flows to harmonise and balance the energy centres that run throughout the body, creating positive changes that you can really benefit from.

Best of all, there are no steps or routines to learn and no coordination is needed.  Just feel the music, let go and dance your own dance.  And because you dance your own dance, there are no expectations of you and no-one forcing you to do this or do that which makes it suitable for all ages, all fitness levels and all abilities.