Crystals and Me

Crystal Therapy
Alec Booker
Written by Alec Booker

I am fairly new to Crystal Therapy Practice but I feel that the way in which it works hand in hand with my day to day practice of Relaxation Therapy gives me an interesting view on the utilisation of the practice itself, and that being said I wanted to share my journey with the community and the wider world.

Starting my journey with Crystals

When I started my journey into the realms of using crystals as a method of treatment 2 years ago I have to say it, sadly, was as a sceptic. I often sat and thought to myself when I was training for my Diploma in Professional Relaxation Therapy “What place in modern treatment methodology is there for such an outdated concept?” (A question I have found commonly asked when people read through the various services I and other Practitioners offer.) I have now come to realise that this method of treatment couldn’t be more relevant in today’s modern, fast paced and stress filled world.

Again, sadly, as is often the case with this subject, it was through my lack of knowledge and ignorance of the subject that I based my opinion. So I am here to dispel a few misconceptions and explain, from my understanding, what it is that Crystal Therapy/Healing is about.

I’d like to dispel a few misconceptions and explain, from my understanding, what it is that Crystal Therapy/Healing is about.

What exactly is a Crystal?

Crystal therapy

One question I asked myself a lot is “What exactly is a crystal?” I know it seems like an odd question for a practitioner to ask themselves but a person’s answer can actually be used as an assessment method for a potential client’s suitability for the treatment itself among other things.

Now, I have heard many different answers to this question from “Isn’t it just a chunk of rock that looks nice?” or “A crystal is a piece of a homogenized solid having a natural geometric form with symmetrically arranged plane faces.” to “Crystals are natural formed gifts from God/Goddess/Creator to their children, a little piece of divinity to touch and aid in the healing of ailments, spiritual, mental and physical.” In my opinion all of the above answers are correct. Crystals have different meanings to different people and all are just as correct responses in their own right.

Crystal Therapy

What is it? What can it do? Who can it benefit?

In terms of Crystal Therapy. What is it?, What can it do? and Who can it benefit? Well I shall endeavour to share what I have learned and my perspective on this subject.

Thousands upon thousands of articles have been written on the subject of Crystal Therapy/Healing and its interlinking topics, however they all share one common theme and that is that everyone can agree that there is no definitive answer on where the practice itself originated.

Since the dawn of time crystals have been in held in the highest of spiritual regard and valued by various cultures from ancient Babylon, China and India. More often than not it is considered by many that the latter two civilisations are the forebears of the practice. Crystal Therapy works using a few key concepts from the ancient Chinese medicine’s beliefs in Chi (Qi) (Yuan Qi), the original life energy and acupuncture points as well as the concept of the subtle energy vortexes more commonly known as Chakras originating from the beliefs of the Indian continent.